Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More pictures!

Mommy's finally on the computer that has the pictures on it, so prepare to be bombarded!

First, pictures of the snow we got on Sunday. It's still falling a bit, but not as much as I'd like.
This is our street. Actually, the house directly behind the stop sign is ours. Of course these snowdrifts are from what was cleared from the street, but even on our front lawn I'm wading at least chest deep in snow and I have nice long legs!
Gotta love the snow. I'm still not sure about this whole mushing thing, though. Mommy's waiting to get my real harness to try again. So far, I'm not all that happy about it. I want to lie in bed with my harem and be petted all day. Mommy's slightly depressed about this.

In other news, I have been hard at work guarding mommy's room from possible intruders.
Actually, I was sleeping. Why Mommy had to get up at that godawful hour to take pictures of me is beyond me. Hmph.

The Army of Four were saying the other day that they don't do outfits. Well, when I wake mommy up at 5AM because I got stuck trying to look at the pretty snow and she has to rescue me from behind the ficcus plant, apparently I have to get dressed up.
As if the santa hat wasn't enough, she had to mail this out as a christmas card to her La Patte Douce card exchange. Then she said that since I'm supposedly a sled dog, I should infiltrate Santa's reindeer. I don't think so. Now that's her la Patte Douce forum avatar. I have been publicly humiliated. I demand treats.

Here's a bad picture of the old cellphone case. The white triangle-thing is supposed to be my face and that's the part that is made out of my fur, felted onto the brown wool. Mommy has a hard time taking good pictures of things, so there'll be a better picture of the gorgeous new case. Granny's been getting a lot better at making pretty things with that machine. Now if only I could find a way to get at those colourful rovings that look so fun to play with...

Until next time,

Sunday, December 16, 2007

More snow

Monday 2 weeks ago we got about 2 feet of snow. This was good. I appreciated it. Unfortunately, all too soon it was still there, but all tamped down and not quite as fun. I still enjoyed zooming around in it, but there was something missing.

Today, my prayers have been answered. It's been snowing non-stop and the temperature has been hanging around -10 Celcius (that's about 10 Farenheit). It's heavenly. We got to go "play in the schnee" (schnee, pronounced shnay, is the german word for snow and mommy finds it funny so she uses it), but not for very long. Mommy says that if she finishes her paper before 10, she'll take the sled out and we can go play with the sled.

That;s another interesting thing that's happened to me recently: mommy has decided I need a job. More specifically, she says I should do what I was bred to, which is to pull sleds. So we now have a very pretty one-person sled that mommy is nuts about. Me, not so much. I really don't know how I feel about a big thing following me around everywhere. We don't get my pulling harness until christmas, so I can't pull for real with the little walking harness that used to belong to cousin Gaia, but Mommy's been trying to get me used to it. Ah well. At least I get to play outside more. And she says that I'll be able to really run, with this sled! That sounds like fun. I'll take pictures tomorrow when it's light out and no longer snowing. And on the 26th, with my real harness.

Oh, about the pictures of the cellphone case... Granny wants to redo it. She says that it's not pretty enough and that my fur deserves better. So I'll wait for the new version to post them.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


I know I haven't blogged in a while, my mommy's going through something she calls the "end of the session" which involves a lot of hogging the laptop and being at the evil university place. But today, I just wanted to post a brief note in memory of my friend Thrawn who has just crossed the rainbow bridge.

Thrawn and I never met in person, but his blog was one of the first mommy started reading. She was completely charmed by his crystal blue eyes and his curious expression. The pictures of his pranks from his younger days (especially the flour picture) made mommy laugh so hard she showed it to all her friends. She worried about him (and his mommy) throughout his many health problems. It's very hard to make mommy cry, but when she read about his passing today, she burst into tears. The world has lost a good husky who managed to charm his way into our hearts and get pretty much whatever he wanted including an amazing, loving home and pack. He will be sorely missed.

Thrawn, I hope you're somewhere where there's perpetual snow, cold and many other friends to keep you company.

Maryann, our thoughts, prayers and love are with you. Losing a dog is hard, especially when the dog is as wonderful as Thrawn.

We will miss you, Thrawn.

Louka and his mommy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was going to post pictures of the cellphone case, but more important things have come up.

such as SNOW!!!!

We got an inch of snow last night. It's kinda melty and slushy now, but it's still snow. I tried to tell mommy about it this morning, but she was too tired to understand my woos until granny poked her head in and said "you know, it snowed last night". Suddenly mommy jumped out of bed yipping happily, dressed and took me outside at last.

So yay, snow, with more expected this weekend.

To all of you who haven't got snow yet, I'm going to talk to the Magic Snow Pile to see if it can migrate south now that I don't need it anymore.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I've been up to

Haroo, all!

Howl-o-ween was very fun for me. We didn't give out candy this year like we're apparently supposed to because Granny just got back from New Mexico the day before and mommy didn't get her act together (and had a class until 7...), but we still had fun. Luckily for me, mommy doesn't believe in dressing me up in costume (although there were a few vague threats), but I still got to be a part of her costume! She said that since the pizza delivery guy, the mailman and random people on the street all think that I'm at least part wolf, I should go as the Big Bad Wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood! Check us out.
Am I supposed to look scary?

That was fun. We walked around the neighbourhood and people smiled at us and admired us. As it should be. Mommy wore her costume to her classes at the university, but no one really noticed that she was in costume because yes, she dresses this way every day. I mean even I with my limited colour vision can tell she's in fire-engine red, it's that bright.

A while ago, Zim from the AO4 asked me if I would ever be allowed to help my mommy with her knitting projects. The answer to that is apparently still no, but I am allowed in the sewing room when other people were there, so I got to help my Antique with her embroidery project! She makes a gorgeous circular project to illustrate every year and this year, I got to help cut the fabric! I have some pictures of me hard at work. The images may be a bit dark.
Just getting started

You sure you're doing that right?

Ok, now I demand payment in bellyrubs

A dog's work is never done, eh? I stay in there and supervise while Granny does her quilting, now, when mommy's at the evil university place or still sleeping (mommy is lazy).

I also have been doing some Evil Husky Deeds, as mommy calls them, mostly destroying or relocating stuff. She's annoyed because I even do this when family members other than her are home, so it's not just when I'm alone. So far, I've mauled an antique doll that mommy's great-granny had made for my granny (the others are now in a box in the ceder closet, out of my reach), an earring box containing the earrings mommy had gotten from her daddy on her 16th birthday (yes mommy is ancient and no, I didn't manage to swallow the earrings) and, last but not least, I have gone through mommy's dirty laundry to find clothes that smell like her to sleep with while she's gone. Apparently, dragging dirty underwear into the hall is a no-no. Go figure.

Ah well, that's all for now,

Sunday, October 28, 2007

New behaviours

Haroo, all!
I have mommy grumbling at me a lot these days. She's a little annoyed that I don't really like human guys. Well, it's not just that... I don't like human guys who could potentially take my mommy away. They make me unhappy. She's been muttering something about me being a brat and having to "desensitize" me, whatever that means. I didn't do anything wrong, this time, I swear! Sure, I clawed the first guy, but he was asking for it! He shouldn't have been trying to get kissies from my mommy. I'm the only one she's allowed to kissie. This time I only placed myself strategically between them when they were watching TV! Seriously, if she doesn't want me to scare those stupid human boys away, she should stop picking the ones that are afraid of dogs and don't adore me properly. Really.

I've also managed to confuse her (and everyone else) by starting a new habit! I sing along with the phone! One of our phones doesn't ring, it plays this annoying tune by someone named "Vivaldi". Well, a few days ago I started singing alone when it rings! Mommy woke up this morning sure I was in trouble because I never howl for no reason! Hehehehehehehe. That ought to keep her on her toes.


Mommy's note: I seriously need to start inviting male friends over to get him used to guys before I even consider a boyfriend, at this rate...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So I ran into Charpentier again, the dog who got caught in my collar last week and made me think that I was going to die. Physically, he's also fine, but we both were really nervous seeing each other again. I didn't want to go in the dogrun with him standing at the gate. He started crying when he saw me, bouncing around because he wanted to play, but he was scared that we were going to get hurt again. Our owners chatted, stayed calm, encouraged us to play and petted us. Mommy gave us each a tiny little bit of cheese, which went a long way towards calming us and finally, we played a bit together. The stress is gone, which is nice.

Mommy's happy that Charpentier is ok and that his owners aren't blaming her or mad at her.

I'm happy that we didn't get stuck again.

Woos of relief,

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Positive reenforcement training and clicker

Well, I had an interesting day!

Mommy took me to a seminar on clicker training. No, this does not mean that I can use the tv remotes (I wish). It's a very interesting way to attempt and make us dogs obey. It uses a 'clicker' which makes a clicking sound when I do the right thing. The point is for mommy to mark (using the click) the exact moment I do the thing I'm being rewarded for. So for example, to practice me looking at her while there's distractions around, she'll have me sit in front of her and hold a treat out to the side. The second I look at her, not the treat, even if it's by accident, she clicks and gives me the treat. It didn't take me that long to associate looking at mommy = getting treat! Gradually, she's supposed to give less treats, so that I'm just working to hear the click, associating click and positive things. I like it a lot. Of course, since I'm doing all of this for cheese, I learn pretty fast.

There were quite a few of us four-legs at the seminar, but as usual, I was the biggest. The only other large-sized dog was the teacher-lady's very friendly pitbull who wanted to play with me big time. I wanted to play with her too, but our mommies wouldn't let us. Stupid mommies. The other dogs were all small. There was a pekenese, a japanese chin two mini poodles, a jack and a chinese crested dog (or however you call those), but of the furred variety. And black. She was pretty afraid of me at first, but her mommy and mine worked on that until I could sniff her without her panicking. Yay her!

In all, it was lots of fun and it was great to spend a whole day outside with Mommy, even if I wasn't allowed to go play with Ivy the pitbull. We should do this more often, especially if there's snow.

Just to know, do any of your humans use the clicker on you? As a dog, what was your "training" like and how did you condition your humans to give you treats?


Thursday, October 18, 2007

My near death experience

As some of you may know, to be able to run and play like a husky should, I go to the dogrun every day. Today was not such a good day, there.

We go early, because it's getting dark early and I really want to go out. When we get there, my friend Charpentier runs to greet me and to try and slam me into the ground, which is our favourite game ever. This is when things begin to go wrong. You see, my collar was a bit loose and he was aiming for the scruff of my neck. Instead he got my collar and slammed me into the ground, getting his teeth and mouth caught in mn the process. Now he's freaked and I'm freaked because we're linked in this rather unusual way. A few other dogs, sensing panic, decide to ram us. This induces more panic and attempts to escape. By now, mommy's figured out that something's wrong and all that she can see is that there's another dog who won't let go of my neck. She's sure that it's this other big black lab who doesn't like me, because never in a million years would Sharpentier try and rip my throat out like it looked like he was doing. Anyway, other dogs pounced us, we escaped, still panicked, humans pounced us and tried to pull Charpentier off of me, they finally realized that we were stuck, managed to immobilize us and mommy stuck her hand in Charpentier's mouth and finally unhooked my collar from his teeth and then tightened my collar so that this wouldn't happen again. Mommy was a bit reassured to see that neither of us was really attacking the other, but I was still traumatized! Charpentier's mouth was bleeding a bit. I think he may have nicked himself on his teeth trying to get free, but he looked pretty ok. He went home right away, so I'm not really sure, I was too scared and busy getting comforted by mommy! We went and sat on the bench together (I was allowed up as a special favour) until I was a bit calmer, then we walked around so that I could get rid of the extra adrenaline in my system and not be scared anymore. I wooed with my husky friend Inook whose mommy helped calm my mommy (Inook did too and he helped calm me with his friendly wooing) and I finally ran around a bit, but I stayed close to mommy. She petted me a lot and I've been thoroughly fussed over, so I'm feeling better, lying here in mommy's bed, dictating the post, but that was really scary!
I hope that never, ever happens again!

Monday, October 15, 2007


So Mommy is finally on the computer with pictures and will post them!

Here's a bad picture of me with my new collar. It's the best one we have, though, because I was more interested in lying in mommy's lap than taking stupid pictures. I mean if she's going to sit on the floor and her lap is free...
It's a martingale (limited slip) collar because mommy didn't want the hassle of a clasp that may or may not break or jam like my last collar's did. This way it's nice and loose, except when I pull, when it goes snug so I can't get away. Apparently my cousin Gaia was a collar escape genius, so they got used to worrying about this. Anyway, I don't wear it often. Mommy gets annoyed at my tags jingling in the house, so I mostly just wear it outside. Rarely inside. I like it, though. It's pretty and it has chili peppers on this. Harem member #1 told mommy that it was displaying my status as a Hot Dog! Woo!

Mommy says that we'll go for a walk during her week off to take pictures of the pretty leaves and of the magical snow pile. I'll post more pictures then.

Until next time,

Friday, October 12, 2007

Magic snow

Well, the pictures will come tomorrow. I think that mommy has kennel cough because she keeps coughing like I did when I got out of the pound. But she's using lots of kleenex too, so maybe it's not that. Anyway, whatever it is it makes her stay home and sleep instead of going to that college place, so I'm happy. This evening she was feeling well enough to go on a short trip to the dogrun with me. We didn't stay that long, but it was ok, because I got to wrestle with a few friends and then mommy brought me to play in the magic snow pile! I LOVE snow, but it's not snowing yet. However, right across the street from the dogrun, there's been this snow pile for the last past couple of weeks. Because she was feeling guilty about me not being able to run as long as I wanted, mommy brought me to go roll around and pounce it it. I was so happy! I want to do that again soon! And I want to figure out how that snow got there... Mommy said something about an indoor winter place for people to play hockey and skate, but I'm not sure what she means. Any detective dogs out there willing to help me solve the mystery?

Pictures will come this weekend, I swear...


Monday, October 8, 2007

My interview

Ok, so now I can see my blog and read my comments, I can answer Zim of the Army of Four's smart interview questions. I'll highlight what he's asking in blue and my answers will just be in normal black.

1. Your mom does such cool knitting and wool projects! Do you think she'll drop that senseless grudge over that minor incident with the thread and let you help her?
Mommy says that the only way that she'll trust me around her wool is if I have a bone in my mouth. I do, however, help her by creating the need for new knitwear by destroying gloves, mittens and socks, now and then and, of course, by loving long walks in very cold weather.

2. Your profile says you're a "Siberian Husky with maybe a little something else mixed in." What do you think the "something else" is?
The silly humans around me have said many things including but not limited to German Shepherd, collie, greyhound and wolf. The current theory is that I'm part malamute, since I'm taller (26" at the shoulder) and heavier (I weighed 60lbs last time I was weighed and now you can no longer see my ribs, so I've gained weight) than huskies generally are and my tail curls to touch my back, which is supposedly Not Good in husky breed standard, but typical of the malamute. Also, mommy thinks that I look too much like a husky to be just 50% and another northern breed that's similar looking would explain some of this. I just say that I'm gorgeous the way I am. whatever else I have, I feel a strong attachment to my huskiness and I will continue saying loud and proud that I AM A HUSKY! But that little mysterious plus gets me extra attention, so I'm not all that keen on solving the mystery.

3. How did you get your name?
My first human mommy gave it to me. It sounded pretty and it's easy to say in a bunch of languages, so mommy decided that I should keep it. However, I most often here Loulou or Wookie than Louka. I got Wookie because apparently I sound like one.

4. Since you live in Quebec, can you ignore commands equally in English and francais?
Yes. I am a trilingual husky, although of course I am best in Huskese than in anything else. I understand (and occasionally obey) "Assis" (sit), "couche" (lie down), "reste" (stay), "Viens" (come), "Va-t-en" (Go away... as if!) in French, but "take it", "up", "ok" are my English commands. I also understand words for things in French, like "marcher" (walk), "manger" (eat), "nonos" (bone) and "baballe" (ball). Those I don't ignore. Those are good words. Especially marcher.

5. Do you "fetch"?
Do I look like a labrador? No. I do not fetch. I will play with a ball, but only to tease other dogs and mommy. I'll chase it if mommy bounces it, but I don't bring it back, I run around with it and expect to be chased. This is how mommy plays with me, especially if there are lots of small dogs that I'm not allowed to play with at the park.

Yay, that was a fun interview! Thank roo, Zim! If anyone wants me to interview them, just ask!

Laptop, collar and excuses

Well, the reason things are so slow right now is that mommy's still busy configuring her new laptop. That's right, a laptop, which means that instead of her going to sit at the stupid computer desk, she lies in bed cuddling me while typing instead. This is an improvement, in my mind.

So when the (pink) laptop (whose name is Floyd) is trained, I'll be able to post pictures of the pretty red leaves around here and of my new collar! That's right, I have a new collar. It's a limited slip collar, which means I can't get out of it, not that I've ever tried, and since it slips on and off, it doesn't have a mechanism that can jam when it's washed. That's what happened to my old collar.

Anyway, another little glitch that mommy has to fix is that we can't see my blog right now. We're going to try again tomorrow and when we can see it, we'll answer all of Zim's smart interview questions.

See you soon,

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee

It's my legal birthday today! I'm officially 2 years old, now, which makes me an all-grown-up husky! I say that it's my legal birthday because I'm terrible at remembering dates so when mommy got me and wanted to know when my birthday was, I couldn't tell her. All she knew was that I was 14 months old in december. Then she needed to tell the nice police officer when my birthday was so that I could have my official badge of residence (what mom calls my liscence) and when I said that I didn't know, the nice officer-lady said that I could have the same birthday as her, the first of october. Isn't that nice of her?

So yeah, it's my birthday. Mommy says that I'm spoiled enough, so instead of giving me a real present, she's going to go donate to the SPCA where I stayed before coming to see her. I think that's a good idea since the money will go to help other poor doggies who haven't found their homes yet. I am also getting another present, but that's just because the need presented itself. I need a new collar. The other one's clasp broke, so I've been using an old collar from uncle Aslan, the golden who raised mommy and antique. The Funny Farm Boutique is having a fund-raising week for Le Repaire de Sasha/Sasha's Den rescue, a local animal rescue. 5$ of every sale of a collar goes to Sasha's. I needed a collar, Sasha's needs money (as most rescues do) and the fund-raising week just haaaaaaaaappened to be the week of my legal birthday.... So I'm getting an unexpected present. Woo.

I'm a happy husky, can you tell?


Friday, September 28, 2007

Lots of pictures

Ok, so I keep promising Dave that I'll put up pictures of Granny's quilts, but I never have. I'm sorry for the delay, but Mommy is lazy about taking pictures and Granny was taking a few away to get photographed professionally. So here they are:

This first one is one of two blinds that Granny made that are hanging in her room. I don't have any good pictures of her earlier work which is mostly done by hand. This is done by machine and is very handy for blocking out snoopy neighbours since our windows are about 2 meters away from theirs and they don't bother with blinds. Of course, it's mommy and Granny's bedrooms facing their Office and dining room, so mommy and Granny are the ones inconvenienced. These are pretty, I find. They aren't identical, but I'm just showing you one to give you an idea.

None of the professional photos want to load, something about them being in the wrong format, so all of these are the "rough draft" pictures of Granny's recent quilts:

This one is a "Bargello" quilt. It now has a binding, but not in this picture. It's mommy's favourite, because it matches our room and mommy likes red. Granny made four of these for the four elements. Guess which element this is? I wasn't allowed to help choose the fabrics, which makes me sad. I was the only one in the house not consulted! I'm not allowed in the sewing room alone anymore either, because of an incident involving me and some thread. Humans. Make one mistake and they hold it over your head for the rest of eternity. Sheesh.
Pardon the quality of this picture. This is an old quilt of Granny's that hangs on the wall of the sewing room. It's hand pieced and hand quilted, so from before she had her nice Janome sewing machine and before I was born, never mind before I came to live here. She says that it's a picture of a place she used to go to near her home in New Mexico when she was a puppy. It's called the "Green place" The green is where a stream was, the only green place in the desert, the gold/brown is the sand and "mesas" (whatever those are), the purple is the distant mountains and the blue is the sky. Mommy says she remembers seeing it up on the quilt wall when she was a puppy. Granny pieced it when she was in the car, waiting to pick mommy and auntique up from the evil school-place that mommy always abandons me for. It's why she started quilting in the first place. Mommy says that she thinks that this was granny's 4th quilt.

There are more, but none that I have good pictures of and some of you dogs may get bored. But before I let you go, Mommy wants to brag about her own talents. She's not really a quilter, but she's a neurotic knitter. I try to help her by eating her wool, but she doesn't seem to appreciate my hard work. Humans, I tell you. This piece that is on her (our!) bed is what she does with the leftovers of wool that are too little for a whole project, but that she wants to do something with. She apologizes for the mess of the surrounding room.

Of course I approve anything that goes on that bed.

It'll do

Wait, why is that camera in my face?

Ok, that's enough. Take it away. Really. Humans. No shame.

Anyway, that's it for now. When I have better pictures of the cellphone case that Mommy made with my stolen fur, I'll post them. For now, enjoy the colours! Doesn't it show that my family likes colours? Even the wall of our room is bright red. With fairies on it. Golden ones. Maybe that obsession with the colour red is why mommy thinks red and auburn huskies are so cute? Not that I'm not cute enough for her. She needed a little more black and white in her life and decorating her clothes.

Til next time,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back

Well, my exile finally didn't last that long, but I'm juuuuuust being allowed back into certain rooms of the house. I had to spend the night on the balcony and in the morning mommy washed me with a combination of peroxide, baking soda and shampoo. Then she washed me with vinegar. I was very upset. I don't approve of baths. Especially since she had just bathed me the day before for rolling and had to bathe me the day after, also for rolling. Well, I so didn't want to smell like flowers. All the girl dogs would have laughed at me and maybe Lily wouldn't want to play anymore and I LIKE playing with Lily. She's fun.

In other news, I lost my big red dogrun cuz. I had one of those huge devil cuz things that was so big only I could fit it in my mouth correctly. Uma the golden took off with it, though, then forgot it somewhere (she's a bit of a ditz, but we love her anyway), so it's gone. Now mommy doesn't have anything to distract me with for the times when I'm all alone with little dogs I'm not allowed to play with. Hehehehehehehehehe. Although that doesn't happen often. I've been very popular at the dogrun, lately, which mostly means I spend a lot of time being slammed onto the ground by several dogs who mob me at once. It's very fun.

So, speaking of toys, do any of you dogs have favourite toys, or toys that you're only allowed to have in special situations?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm in big trouble...

I got skunked.

Well, what? It was under the porch and I saw it and dashed for it, so mommy, who was coming down the steps with me let go of the leash because she didn't want to fall and she hadn't seen the skunk, then I went to eat it, but it sprayed me! So now the whole neighbourhood smells and I'm not allowed in the house. I've been banished to the balcony. Which makes me sad. Mommy says I'm getting more baths tomorrow, which worries me. I got one yesterday because I rolled in something that smelled a lot, but today is a step up. Granny can't stop laughing and mommy's so embarassed...

Mommy's note: If any of you have recipes to share to make the stink go away please, please, please send them my way. I've got a few already, but I'd like as many as possible to speed Louka's return into the house. Thanks

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What are they doing to my fur?

Hello one and all.

Strange things are happening. A new machine that my granny is all excited about has entered the house. It's called a felting machine. So she's been making all kinds of stuff with that and tryi8ng all kinds of different fibers. So then mommy arrives with a big bag of my fur that she's collected and tells granny to try that! What! I was keeping that fur to clone myself with! How dare she! At least she hasn't found my collection under the bed... Anyway, granny says that my fur is the best material for felting so far, along with wool. And she made my mommy a new cellphone case with my picture made of my fur on it. The nerve. Why couldn't she just keep quilting like Dave's mommy?

A very put out Louka

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is a neat little challenge that I've seen on a few blogs and decided to try to fill out. Here goes!

What is your name? Louka
4 letter word: love
Vehicle: Land Rover
TV Show: Lost in Space
City: Laval (Or L'abord a plouffe... Mommy thinks that one is funny because it means the edge of splash, but it's not technically a city anymore since it merged into Laval...)
Boy Name: Leon
Girl Name: Leila
Alcoholic Drink: Liqueur
Occupation: Librarian
Something you wear:
Celebrity: Louison Danis
Lox (I waaaaaaaant)
Something found in a bathroom: Loo
Reason for being late: Lost...
Cartoon Character: Lucy from Peanuts
Something You Shout: Lucky!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shopping and good vibes

Recently, mommy has started doing something new that I'm not sure I like: she takes me shopping. Not in stores, of course, but outside at these little things called "Garage sales" where, despite the name, they aren't selling garages or even selling from a garage. It involves a lot of me having to sit around while she shops and it's pretty boring, usually. Today, however, she brought me to Organic Market, where there's lots of cool smells and lots of people who pet me and tell me that I'm a good boy! That makes me happy. Mommy's also proud of me because she had looped the leash over her shoulder because she had her hands full, but I still listened to her voice commands of left, right, and halt without her having to give me leash cues. She's prepping me for sledding, she says.

Now on a totally different subject, I'd like to send lots of positive vibes to Thrawn of the brat pack and his mommy Maryann. He's been sick and needs our good energy and she needs our support. He's a wonderful husky who had a bad start in life and she's an amazing woman who rescued him and has been serving and caring for him throughout all of his illnesses despite having 4 other dogs to care for as well! Wow, he sure lucked out in the human department...

Woos to you all,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Goodbye, vet

No, he hasn't died and I haven't mysteriously developed an immunity to all diseases that would permit me to never have to go there again. But he is retiring. This makes mommy sad because she really liked that vet and says he was great with me, even though his clinic was not the cheapest around. Now we have to find a new vet. A few people have recommended this place nearby, so we're going to go check it out when I need my shots which isn't until January.

I really liked that vet and, in the first few months I was with mommy, I saw him a lot, which kinda made her grumble about how expensive I was, but hey, it wasn't my fault. First off, I needed a second round of vaccines after getting my first ones at the SPCA where I was waiting for mommy to find me and take me home. Also, I wasn't fixed yet, but they did that at the SPCA clinic. But before I went in for my second shots, I was hit by a car.

I've vaguely mentioned this incident before. It happened about a week after I had come to live with mommy. My aunty had some friends over and one of them, who despite having a dog herself isn't all that careful, left the upstairs door open while she was going to put her shoes on (we live on the second floor and all shoes get left in the stairway, not in the house) and her father was standing in the downstairs door. Aunty said to be careful, not to let me out, but the guy just moved out of the way and I was free! Then the friend left without even bothering to see if aunty managed to catch me or anything. We live on a busy street and a car was pulling up to the stop. Luckily it wasn't going fast and I just fell down and scraped some fur off my eyebrow. It looked very manly, if I do say so myself. Aunty was panicked, of course, and I was packed off and brought to that vet for the first time. He was very nice to me and complimented me on how calm I was in the waiting room, lying sprawled on the floor waiting for someone to pet me. The friend who let me out never called to see how I was despite another friend who was there calling her and telling her I got hit. Humans.

Anyway, after that I had to go for my shots, then again because I stopped eating for three days and I was tummy-sick for a bit. that was all in the space of a few months, so I saw the vet a lot. He always took good care of me as did the nice techs, so it makes me sad that he's now retired.

I know that the Army of Four love their vets, but a lot of doggies out there hate the vet. Who else out there loves their vet?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My vacation

Hello, all, I am back!

Friday night, granddaddy was nice enough to drive mommy and I up to Rawdon to go visit my harem member and her family. And cat. Anyway, there were so many cool smells around there! Apparently they've been having deer problems, so it was hoped that I'd scare the deer away. I was a bit upset that mommy put be on my 9 meter (30 foot for my american friends) chain, but the yard wasn't fenced and was quite near a road so mommy wasn't taking any chances. What this meant, though, is that I couldn't follow her everywhere! This made me very sad and I cried a little. What can I say, I've already been abandoned twice, so I was a little nervous that mommy was going to leave me too. I calmed down after a bit, though.

Mommy and my harem member took me berry picking with them. They had to spray some stinky stuff to keep bugs away called citronella in my ears and on by belly because the bugs just loved me. I also got a bit of a sunburn on my nose, which makes mommy giggle because the white part of my snout near my nose is mexican pink (the horror), but she's promised that next time, I get to wear sunscreen. I'm not sure how I feel about that, though. Have any of you other dogs, particularly you huskies, gotten sunburn?

I really wanted to play with the cat, but the cat didn't like me at all. Already, that cat hates mommy with a passion, so it was not a fun weekend for the cat. She was glaring accusingly at her humans all weekend. Especially since I kind of took over her bed, since my harem member's bed is a futon on the floor. I got to cuddle with mommy all night. She was a little less amused when I woke her up wanting to eat at 5:30 AM, though. She's easier to harass when she's on the floor, hee hee hee.

The car ride back was ok. I usually am not all that fond of car rides and I was a bit carsick on the way up, but since we were giving my harem member a lift to the city, I got mommy all to myself in the back seat. She cuddled and petted me all the way, so I was really happy. There were these two weird guys while we were stuck in traffic who were doing all kinds of silly things like getting up and running around outside the car, pretending to push their car, coming and asking granddaddy for his "girlfriend's" phone number nevermind that she's MY harem member and 40 years younger than him and not his girlfriend... The humans were all laughing their heads off. I was a bit suspicious. I don't like strange guys hitting on my harem members. At least they didn't try and steal my mommy cuddles. I would have had to pull a Meeshka and claw them. I did that to a guy mommy brought home, once. Stupid boy...

But anyway, apart from the sunburn and the fact that mommy only gave me one of the blueberries that they picked and none of the pie they made with the berries, I had a great weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thunder and vacation

Hello one and all! I'm back after mommy's hijacking of my blog to write about my cousin Gaia. But I'm not back for long! Apparently, I'm going on vacation with mommy this weekend. We're going up to a place called Rawdon to visit a harem member of mine, pick berries and generally have fun in the country. I'm so excited! I'll get to be outside ALL DAY and there'll be lots of new smells and things to see, and people to pet me... I'm a happy husky. See my happy husky smile?

Actually, that picture was taken last week, after a big thunder storm. It thundered a lot, last week, which made me a bit nervous that the sky would fall or that something big would come and hurt mommy. Or me. Now generally I'm not a nervous husky and mommy says that I'm nowhere near as bad as Aslan the golden in the pictures of mommy's post, but I like having company when it's booming really bad. And I like having a nice den to hide in. Since I don't have a crate to hide in, I go hide behind the big chair in the r living room (where I'm technically not allowed to go, but even granny who's the one who tries to impose that rule lets me in if I don't lie down on her rug) or in a closet somewhere. And I whine at mommy to make it stop. She mostly ignores me, which makes tells me that it's noteally a big deal, but I still like my den. The picture on the left was taken while it was still booming. I was not amused that Mommy decided to photograph me instead of make it stop booming, but humans are weird. On the picture you can kinda see my under the fur freckles. My skin is all dotty like that everywhere, but it's most noticeable on my snout.

Mommy says that I'm a brave dog, even if I hide in a den during storms. She says that the golden who raised her and taught her how to do good begging puppy-dog eyes was the worst when it came to thunder. She remembers a time when they were in the Eastern Townships for the summer and there was a huge storm every day. She was about 8 or so and, she says, not all that brave. One night, it was booming really, really badly and she got scared and tried to climb into granny's bed. Granny was half asleep and thought that mommy was Aslan and pushed mommy out of bed! Mommy was really not amused and she ended up in her own bed, with Aslan who was shaking so hard that the bed was rattling, clinging to each other for dear life. Hehehehehe. Makes me feel really brave. Silly Golden and silly mommy. She told me that story to make me feel better during the storm. See how well it worked? Mommy says that there are few things cuter than a husky smile.

I will write more when I come back from my country adventure! I'll tell you if I catch any bunnies. Or raccoons. Or anything like that...


Saturday, August 4, 2007

In memoram, Gaia (Louka's mommy writing)

I didn't know that even after a year, it would be so hard for me to write this. I didn't know that after a year, it would still hurt like this. It's not as bad as it was, of course, but I still miss our loyal girl who was with us for 11 rock and rolling years.

From the first you showed strong will and character. I remember when we picked you out, one of ten in your litter, the only one of the five girls who took interest in the ball we showed you. I remember when we brought you home and you met Aslan, our golden retriever and your best friend. I can still see the concerned look on his face as you took over his bed, his toys and his life. Not that he really minded. He loved you as much as you loved him.

Mom says that she never raised a pup as difficult as you: you tore up the sofa, ate the phone jack off of the wall, tore your leash out of our hands and teased us running around the neighbourhood, climbed onto the desk to get at the paper in the printer because getting into the garbage was too easy, jumping or knocking down gates meant to keep you in... You were a holy terror. But it didn't matter, because you were our holy terror and your little pranks just made you more endearing. After the fact, of course.

You always had so much energy. You were the ideal hiking companion. I remember our summers in Tadoussac when mom would take off with you and Aslan and we wouldn't see any of you for hours. You were so funny, carrying sticks twice your length around in your mouth, whining when the logs you had grabbed were too heavy, but never, ever giving up. You were the stubbornest, toughest girl I've ever known.

You were also an amazing water dog and retriever! You'd fetch anything, sticks, balls, us... Swimming was always interesting with you there to "rescue" us. You'd never tire, even when you were old and long days of rescuing would leave you limping. Your love of your ball ensured that even though at 9 or 10 you were the oldest dog in the dogrun, you were also the fastest. No one could ever catch you, if you didn't want to be caught.

I think that that's why your death came as such a shock. The suddenness of your illness and the amount of energy you had right until the end despite partial blindness and slight arthritis fooled us all into thinking that you were indestructible. Maybe if we hadn't thought that, we would have called the vet sooner. You had us all fooled, there, hiding your pain until the end, chasing skunks even though you must have been in more pain than I can imagine. It wasn't until that last day that we really saw how sick you were. I'm sorry, puppy, for not seeing that sooner. I'm sorry for not noticing that you were hurting, or realizing that with your symptoms, I should call the vet immediately. I try to tell myself that it wouldn't have done any good, but there's always that little bit of doubt in my mind that won't leave me alone.

I'm sorry, too, that we didn't offer you a better life. You were never really meant for the city, especially after Aslan died. You were always too afraid of everything and everyone, you would have been better somewhere bigger with less scary stimuli, especially in your older years when you were going blind. Maybe it was selfish of us never to let you move to the country with a better family, but we could never have let go of our baby girl. Even when you died, it was hard to let go. You don't know how many sleepless nights I spent hoping that it was all a terrible nightmare and that my darling little girl would come back. I read everything I could get my hands on about parvo and memorized the list of symptoms that you should automatically call the vet about. I couldn't believe that you were gone and that I'd never see you again. I still miss you, sometimes, especially when I see a pretty lab go by.

I want to thank you, though, because I'm sure that you're the one who made sure that I found your cousin Louka at just the right time. It was pure chance that brought us into the SPCA that day, looking to meet another dog. I didn't even see him next to the dobermann that was jumping out at me barking angrily. But you whispered into your mommy's ear, didn't you? You told her to go get me, that he was the one. You would never have accepted another canine companion apart from Aslan in life, but I think that you chose your successor wisely. He will never replace you, baby girl, but I love him with all my heart and I thank you for bringing him to me.

It's been a year and we still love you, Gaia, I hope that you'll always know that and that when we finally cross the rainbow bridge ourselves, you'll be there, tail wagging to greet us.

I love you always,
Your Antique.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Training my humans

Really, these humans are bad at their commands. Well, not all of them. I've trained them to listen to "pet me", "Feed me" and "take me out", but I still really need to work on their "stay". It was bad enough that mommy left for 6 WHOLE WEEKS to that tibet place with Granddaddy, but now Aunty is gone to a place called "fur-ants" or "fur-ance" or something like that and I have no clue when she'll be home! And now Granny's bringing up suitcases from the basement too and mommy's saying that all my harem are on vacation except for one who's already started classes so she can't come visit me! Those humans! Oh it's alright for them to do the whole "sit", "stay" thing to me, but will they ever listen? Noooooo. At least mommy's promised me that we're going to go visit the harem member who's still in the country weekend after next. She was visiting this weekend, but we didn't do much. When we go visit her, it'll be more fun. She lives in the country about 1 1/2 drive up north where it actually gets cold at night (hallelujah) and mommy got me a nice 30-foot chain so that I don't run into the street and get hit by a car. Not that I would do this, of course. That first time was a total accident... It'll be strange going up there. It's right around where my first home was. Mommy knows this because I had a vet tag from a town near where my harem member lives. I'm looking forward to it, though.

Anyway, I'll post pictures of my country weekend when I have them!

A question: how hot is it where all of you dogs are and how are you coping with the heat?

Until next time,

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yak cheese

Well, I proved yet again that no matter how hard mommy tries to husky-proof the house, if I get upset, I WILL destroy something. Hehehehe. The other day, mommy left with her friend to go to a place to see other dogs without me (growl growl growl), leaving me all alone in the house with no harem to dote over me. Granddaddy came home a bit later, but he's not part of my harem so he doesn't ever count. So I decided to get even. You see, not so long ago, mommy cruelly left me for 6 whole weeks to go to a place called Tibet with Granddaddy. It wasn't so bad because Aunty is really nice and I didn't have to go into boarding or anything, but I still missed mommy. Anyway, she brought back this really yummy dried yak cheese from her trip. She gave me a few tiny bits as treats, but I pretended not to be too interested to lure her into a sense of false security. Hehehehe. See my evil husky plot? She then left the bag within my reach. I ignored the bag for two whole weeks until she comitted the ultimate crime of leaving me alone. So, to comfort myself I decided "why not have some cheese?"

Well, mommy returned smelling strongly of other dogs, but brough my other harem member (her friend) back with her, so I forgave her. Then she discovered the ripped up orange plastic bag. And the crumbs of the very hard dry cheese. She was a bit worried about the whole plastic bag thing, but it loked like it was all there. Still, she was pretty upset. I mean, it was speical yak cheese, after all. Besides all this, it kind of made me sick for a while so she had to take me out a lot and so she was glaring at me and that was less fun. But the treats were worth it!

Speaking of the place that smells of strange dogs where mommy disappears to, she says that she'll be going there more often because she got a job there! It's a doggy-daycare and boarding and lots of other stuff center called SPAWS. I'm a little miffed, but maybe she'll be able to take me there sometimes and i can play with the other doggies. That would be fun especially since she tells me that the place is air conditioned. Now I just have to work on that husky mind control thing that the Ao4 is so good at. Taaaaake me to woooooork. Taaaaake me to wooooooork! Or maybe I'll simply run out the door before she can stop me and jump in the car and force her to take me to work. Always good to have a contingency plan.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Somebody turn off the heat

I am not a happy husky.

It's very hot out right now. I miss my lovely snow. Because it's hot, mommy isn't taking me to the dogrun or the mountain, I only get leash-walks because she doesn't want me to get overheated. As if I wasn't already. How did I get stuck in a house with no air conditioning? This is insane. Mommy says we may go to the doggy café with her friend Milie (who is part of my harem as are all of my mommy's female friends) where they have air conditioning.

I can't wait until winter again.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Humans are not always very bright


I am still laughing over this article that mommy got by email today. It just goes to prove that if you want to rob someone, you should think things through first and choose your target wisely. As mentioned in the article, running away from a lot of trained police dogs isn't easy.

I had a good day today. Not only did I get to go to the mountain with mommy and granny, but I also got to go to the dogrun. Not for long, though. It was hot out and mommy worries about me. I also went shopping with Mommy this morning and tried to chase a skunk, which kind of made mommy upset. Apparently we won't be allowed back in the house if we smell of skunk. I thought it was fun, though. We have lots of skunks around here but only mommy and I ever see them. Oh, and my cousin Gaia who I never knew saw them too. Two days before she died she was still chasing them, mommy told me proudly. My cousin died of parvovirus, a really nasty disease that really traumatised my mom. Gaia had just turned 11 when she died, which is a nice, long life for a lab, especially since apparently Gaia was a bit of a troubled child who used to run away a lot just to tease and play (luckily they lived in an area that was a lot quieter than here. I was out not even 5 minutes and I got hit by a car, here) and, on top of that, she was epileptic. Not enough to have to be on medication, but epileptic nonetheless. Mommy will talk more about her in a week or so since the 1 year anniversary of Gaia's death is comming up soon. Mommy will do the talking because Gaia died before I was adopted (the whole house still smelled of her when I got here). I couldn't have lived with her because she didn't like other dogs. Can you imagine that? Not liking me? The outrage. Only Elmo doesn't like me but that's because we got into a fight once. But that's a story for another time.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

No dogrun today

Today we did something different: we didn't go to the dogrun! This is very rare. We almost went to the dogrun, but mommy stopped right outside the gate. She had heard a beagle bark. Sure enough, inside was Elmo, the beagle who is so totally afraid of me that he won't get off the bench if I'm in the park, even if I'm at the other side and I can't even see him. So instead, we went to the mountain.

Well, what passes for a mountain here, at least. It's tiny. It takes about 20 minutes for us to get to the top and it's about a 10 minute walk from home to the bottom of the trail. Normally, I have to do all of this on leash because mommy doesn't trust that I'll come back when she calls, but this time, since I have perfect recall at the dogrun and since my auntie took me to the country while mommy was gone and I didn't run away, Mommy let me run off leash. It was so fun! I got to chase squirrels, run through high grass, bounce everywhere... I even met my friend Boris there! Boris is this dog who looks like he has no legs even though his body is fairly normal sized. He looks like a cross between a wire-haired daschund and a jack russel terrier and he's totally cool. He chases me a lot and I love that. His mommy works for the SPCA where mommy adopted me and where Boris was adopted from too. So he totally understands where I'm coming from as an adopted child. He has human brothers and sisters, though, something that I envy a bit. I LOVE little kids. While mommy was in China without me (bad mommy!), my auntie would walk me in front of the preschool yard. All the little kids would run over to the fence calling my name and wanting to pet me. Ah, the joy of being adored!

I'm happy now that I've trained mommy to let me off leash. It's so much funner that way. Beware, squirrels, I'm a fearsome hunter! I even caught a bunny, once. That was when I went to the country with auntie. Mommy was really proud of me when she found out.

Do any of you doggies get to go for nice long walks in the woods? Do your mommies let you off leash?


Introduction of me!

Hello one and all!
My mommy finally decided to cave and let me have a blog of my very own! I'm so happy. So I'm going to tell you all just a bit about myself before I start blogging in earnest.

First of all, I am a siberian husky. At least I think I am. I'm a little tall and narrow in the chest so some people accuse me of being a mutt. Hmph. Mommy chooses to believe that I'm not a mutt, but she can't be certain and I'm not telling. She doesn't know because I am adopted, believe it or not. Mommy still can't believe it. Or more like she can't believe why anyone would abandon their year old, fully trained, completely housebroken, issue-less GORGEOUS (never said I wasn't vain...) dog. She, or rather my auntie, found me at the SPCA on the 29th of december 2006. My auntie and Grandma spotted me right away. My mommy was a little frightened by the big doberman in the cage next to me who was kind of acting mean and barking and jumping at her from in his cage and passed me by rather quickly. My auntie, though, wouldn't let her ignore me and led her straight back to my cage. It was love at first sight. I was a little over one years old, at the time, so mommy calculates that I was born in october. So I'm going to be two in a few months. We had a bit of a rocky beginning, what with me getting hit by a car (I wasn't hurt at all, I only lost a bit of fur over my eye which has since grown back), having to get neutered (I was more worried about the night I had to spend back at the SPCA to have the operation than I was about the Big Snip, to my mommy and granddaddy's surprise), getting my shots, my picky eating habits that are now solved with a raw diet that I LOVE and generally adjusting to life at home. I learned very fast that Birdie is not food as long as he's in his cage. But if he ever gets out, no matter what everyone says, I may try to snack on him. Now, I'm totally a member of the household and adored and worshiped. Even Granddaddy now admits that I'm an amazing dog. He was a little worried, at first, about the big wolfy-looking thing in his house. And I wasn't so sure about him either. I'm definitely a ladies' man.

My favourite activity is going to the dogrun. I love the dogrun intensely and mommy brings me there at least once a day since we don't have a fenced yard for me to run in. We're lucky to live so close to such an amazing park. Mommy says it's the best on the island. My second favourite activity is going for a walk on the mountain and my third is going to the country, even though I'm not thrilled with long car rides. Mommy has promised that once she's done college we're moving to the Great North where she's going to be a teacher and I'll be a little happier with the weather and house.

Interesting facts about me: I am a bilingual husky. I mostly speak French and all my commands are in French, but I know enough English to keep a blog. Although my name is technically Louka, I only hear that when someone's calling me or when I'm being talked about. Generally I'm known as Lou, Loulou or, oddly enough, Wookie. Don't blame me, my mommy's weird.

All the pictures here were all taken on the day I was adopted, so I still have the ugly orange collar on. I will post better pictures later. See my smile? I was so happy to be adopted that I couldn't help myself.
I'll start posting my adventures tomorrow,
Until then!