Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shopping and good vibes

Recently, mommy has started doing something new that I'm not sure I like: she takes me shopping. Not in stores, of course, but outside at these little things called "Garage sales" where, despite the name, they aren't selling garages or even selling from a garage. It involves a lot of me having to sit around while she shops and it's pretty boring, usually. Today, however, she brought me to Organic Market, where there's lots of cool smells and lots of people who pet me and tell me that I'm a good boy! That makes me happy. Mommy's also proud of me because she had looped the leash over her shoulder because she had her hands full, but I still listened to her voice commands of left, right, and halt without her having to give me leash cues. She's prepping me for sledding, she says.

Now on a totally different subject, I'd like to send lots of positive vibes to Thrawn of the brat pack and his mommy Maryann. He's been sick and needs our good energy and she needs our support. He's a wonderful husky who had a bad start in life and she's an amazing woman who rescued him and has been serving and caring for him throughout all of his illnesses despite having 4 other dogs to care for as well! Wow, he sure lucked out in the human department...

Woos to you all,


The Brat Pack said...


Mom is just now catching up on blogs and I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful post. It made her tear up, in a good way.

Thanks, pal.

Louka said...

You're very welcome. I'm glad that you're feeling better. I'm a big fan of yours. Your detachment, your cool attitude, your amazing pictures... Mommy often shows the picture of your "flour incident" to her friends to make them laugh. Your gleeful grin is priceless.

And as I said, you did luck out in the human department. You have an amazing mommy. Mine has a hard time keeping up with one of me, never mind 5! Your mommy is very brave, she says.