Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog hiatus

Well, I don't post very often, but I thought that it was just fair for me to tell you pups that I will not be able to update the blog at all until the end of August. The reason for this is very, very sad for me. Mommy is running away with the circus. Without me. How is this not abuse?

Mommy says that she feels very bad about this, that it's temporary, that she's leaving me in good hands, but... It's my mommy! And she's leaving! For two whole months! And for two whole weeks, I won't even have Auntique to console me! Mommy leaves on Friday and I'm already moping and wailing. The nice landlady and granddaddy have said they'll take me out (granny can't because hip replacements + pulling husky = bad idea) and Jay the dogwalker is going to come and take me on walks with his pack, which is fun, especially since there's another cute husky named Shelby and I like her, but... But...! Auntique gets back in two weeks and then at least I'll have a member of my harem to cuddle and pet and spoil me as I deserve, but I'll still have to wait until August 18th to have my mommy back from the evil circus.

So good luck all you lucky dogs, I'll be moping in my corner.
Sad woos,