Friday, December 12, 2008

No longer on strike

The Husquebec union has decided to come out of strike due to AMAZING trails. We went mushing again today and went all the way up to Lac Castor, a nice 7 kilometer run, half of which is uphill, the other half down (since we just turn around and double back). The trail was gorgeous and icy, but no match for my fur wheel drive. It did make the sled glide like a charm, though, so mommy felt nice and light again. Going downhill... Well that was a dream come true. I got to flat out RUN the whole way, so fast that Mommy was a little nervous that she was going to take a spill. But she didn't, even in the hairpin turn. I even proved today that I know "Whoa" and "easy" even without her putting on the breaks, which surprised her. Hehehehehehe. I like to keep her guessing. She never knows when the command is actually assimilated and I'm ignoring her or when I just haven't learned yet. It's generally the first of those two statements and she finds out after the fact, but she keeps falling for it.

Mommy ordered my new harness today, too. She found that mine was a little too small. This is because when she got it, she got the size that corresponded to my weight... but she was using my weight from when I came out of the shelter, not figuring that I had gained a whole lot of weight since then. I was 60 lbs January 2007, but 75 lbs January 2008 (mommy knew I had gained weight, but she thought maybe 5 lbs, not 15) and then 77 lbs May 2008! So the harness bought in December 2007 which is meant to fit a 60-70lbs dog... Well, it's a little on the tight side, now. So I'm getting a brand new harness a size bigger, which will make mushing even more comfortable! You see what Husquebec can obtain when we strike for better working conditions? You knoooow you want to join our union...

I'm very tired now, so I'm going to keep this post short. I'm going back to snoozing and dreaming of nice, long trails.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Strike

It was the beginning of the first ride of the season and already I could tell that things were not going to go well. We huskies know these things. The snow was way too deep and fluffy and Mommy felt way heavier than usual. I did not like this. I did not like this all the way uphill. I made her walk behind the sled, kick to help me make the sled go forwards... We make a good team, mommy and I. This is why I did not want to stop.

Turn around? What do you mean turn around? I was perfectly fine going in this direction. Perfectly fine! No, that slowing down meant 'get off the sled', not 'let's go home'. I totally don't understand why we should go home.

Ah. I see the problem now. Sinking sled syndrome. Maybe mommy hasn't really gained weight since last year. I still don't want to go home, yet, it's so nice out...

We finally were headed downhill. On the hairpin turn that goes down pretty steep, I was finally able to pull mommy well. I always like downhill better. And I really do like pulling, when I'm able to. Every husky has his limits, though. Mommy was muttering something about borrowing friends for me, at some point.

I would like to be able to say that after the hairpin turn everything went downhill. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The trail was flat again, mommy was heavy again and we just kept getting more and more fun, fluffy schnee to slow the kicksled down. Mommy was still trying to convince me to pull. So I decided to show her and go on strike. The trail ended a few meters ahead anyway. She could walk, right?
So anyway, we have learned several things about this last venture: #1, if the snow is no good, the husky will strike. #2, if it is the first run of the season and the husky is not yet in top shape, going out in difficult snow is stupid. #3, Mommy is out of shape. #4, in such snowy conditions, we walk to the trail, we do not under any circumstances take the car. In fact, the husky would prefer that no cars be used in his transportation ever. #5 Despite setbacks, mushing is still fun. And having people fawn over me as I go past is REALLY fun.

If you're looking for me, I'll be here, nice and comfortable, waiting for the perfect mushing conditions. Which will hopefully be soon.

Many lazy woos,
Louka (who yes, owns half the loveseat, but only when granny's not around to see)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's snowing. Let's hope we get enough and that it sticks long enough to go sledding on Friday. Now Mommy's really wishing she wasn't working on Wednesday, hehehehe.
Many woos,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Betrayal for a cause

today mommy left me for hours to go play with other dogs. But for once, I'm not all that upset. I will leave the blog to her to explain.

Three or four weeks ago, there were two raids on puppymills around here. The SPCA had over 300 dogs to take care of. Some got taken in by other organisations and now they "only" have about 30 or so. Court cases are still pending about their ownership and they need dedicated volunteers to go and clean cages, give baths and walk dogs. I mostly did the fun stuff, walking and playing with these doggies. Some, despite three weeks of TLC are still so skinny that you can not only count their ribs, you can almost see the rib, all the way around. If I was living somewhere of my own instead of with my parents, I'd have asked to foster one of the girlies. But I'm limited to one dog and I respect my mother's wishes.

All of the doggies are amazing and sweet, even though I like some more than others. Two of the german shepherds have gimpy mutatoe-paws like Meeshka's mutatoe brother Loki. I had never really got what his paw could look like until I saw the oversized, flat paw on the front right of each of the two girls, so I thought about him a lot as I played with them, especially with the older female who had other problems and was a real gimpy. The younger gimpy-pawed one is one of the skinniest dogs I've ever seen and she's very pregnant. We're all praying for her and her puppies, praying they have the strength to pull through. She's so affectionate despite her condition, she'll make a good family dog eventually, I think. One of the big black mixed-breed (I think?) dogs just laid down in my lap and begged to be loved. I've rarely seen a dog that affectionate. There was a husky named Frank who totally won me over. He looked a lot like Thrawn as he chilled in his cage, totally ignoring the barking dogs around him and his food. He was above all this, a total zen master. I seem to remember a picture of young Thrawn curled in the back of his cage, looking up at the camera with a very long-suffering expression. This is how Frank looked, as if he would be just totally fine if the rest of the world stopped being idiots for a minute. A typical, beautiful husky. My last mention is of Freya, a beautiful pretty girl german shepherd who was the only one with no name. She was in a different room along with the two giant breed dogs, so she tends to be a little forgotten, but once you get her going, there isn't a dog to match her in playfulness and affection. I had a vague recollection of Freya being the norse goddess of love and beauty, or something like that, so I thought it suited her. She's now no longer nameless and she's going to make someone very happy, one day when she's let into their homes.

I return tomorrow and then again this weekend. I love those puppies, It's a joy spending time with them, even if I will be cleaning cages soon.

The blog will return to Louka next post,
Take care,
The Mommy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've been inspired after reading Zim from the Ao4's posts about doing KP while his mommy cooks. It's apple season, so mommy's been going a little nuts. Of course, I as the dog must help her with the cooking, supervising and making sure that any cheese that might be wasted goes to me.

Mommy thought I was being cute, so sue tried to get some pictures. Of course, I'm a sibe, so managing to get me cooperative was a chore.

But I can always be tempted with some cheese. It's a failing, I know, but I can't help it.
After helping with dishes, I had to make sure that Mommy was getting her recipe right. What is that I spy up on the stove? (please ignore the ugly floor with the suspicious stains from "the raspberry incident")
Oooh! Apple pie, apple cake and applesauce! I want some!

Mommy is being mean and not letting me have much. Just a tiny bit of applesauce, because it has no sugar, just maple syrup, and not a lot at that. It's very good. I'm perfecting the begging eyes to get more. But Mommy wasn't caving, so I told her to just stop with the pictures already. Honestly. She doesn't know when to quit.

I love doing KP, it's a nice bonding experience for me and Mommy. It's so fun that she says when we move out, we need a bigger kitchen so that I have more room to watch her (and so that she stops tripping over me, hee hee)

Oooh, is someone opening the cheese in the kitchen? I'd had better go check it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Betrayal most foul

Every now and then, Mommy leaves. Sometimes it's just for the day, to go to work, or for a few hours to go to class, but every now and then she leaves for a few days and I have to stay with my Auntique. I love my Auntique and she takes me to the mountain and she loves me and plays with me, but she's not Mommy.

So I'm always very sad when Mommy leaves and very happy when she gets back. I was thrilled to have her back until I discovered this on her laptop:

That's my Mommy, fraternising with another dog while away on vacation! And a famous dog at that! She went and met Balto without me! I thought I was her husky-woo! She says its only a statue and that she did it because she was missing me and because she needed a picture with a famous sled-dog who could inspire me but woo! The betrayal!

She could have at least taken me to meet him. She'd had better make it up to me.

Louka who is sulking

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My nefarious plan has worked!

Not only has mommy given in and gotten me things I like to eat (and talked to the butcher about acquiring more "brick"), now that I'm eating again she's so happy that tonight when i was feeling a bit peckish? I just whined and paced mournfully towards the kitchen and I got fed! ok, granted I only had one meal today and so this is my normal portion, but I managed to get fed at quarter to two in the morning! And I got sardines!

Fear the siberian mind meld

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Further abuse

Someone call the SPCA!

I have just finally had my first meal in three days. Three days! Three and a half, even! Mommy would just not get the point. I'm sick of chicken. I've been eating chicken for the last week. Why should I have to eat more of the same, boring thing? But of course instead of just being a good mommy and giving me something else, she just took it away and gave me the same thing at supper! I finally managed to wear her down, though, she gave me innards for supper because she's afraid I'm going to start losing weight. And the puppy-dog eyes finally worked. I've been fine-tuning that expression all week, eying her mashed potatoes longingly, sitting in front of the fridge, glaring at my food...

But I'm still abused.


Mommy's version: Does anyone else have this problem? There's nothing wrong with him, health-wise. He's just picky. It's the reason he's raw-fed, he refused dog food (even when soaked, soaked in chicken broth, mixed in with yogurt, etc) for at least 4 days straight while trying to counter-surf, something he never does, and trying to chow down on anything that looked vaguely edible outside. I thought I had solved the problem. Suuure, he doesn't like kidney, but he'd eat pretty much anything else. Since last week, when I started giving him "brick" (chicken carcass and snippets and whatever that the butcher just put through the grinder to make a kind of paste), he pretty much stopped eating. I finally had him eating two meals a day again, after two days of no food and two or three days of one reluctant meal a day. Then I ran out of "brick" and bought more carcass, which he generally loves. Three days. Three WHOLE days of no eating. He'll lick his bowl mournfully. He'll sit in front of the fridge. He'll actually deign to beg at the table (sitting and staring at my food), which he never does. He'll howl happily in the morning when I tell him it's "manger" (eating) time and dance and scold until I take his food out. Then one look at it and he wants to come back inside from where he eats on the balcony and he won't touch it. Everyone I've asked says "well have you tried just taking it away after 20 minutes? He'll eat then when he sees food isn't always available". Those people have never dealt with a determined sibe, I'm sure of it. In the last two weeks, he's eaten two meals a day, which is his normal ration, only two or three times. I've had five or six whole days of no eating at all and the rest he just takes one meal. I'm going back to the butcher tomorrow to ask for more "brick" and get ground beef, but I'm at the end of my rope. Any one else has this issue and has advice?

My mother's laughing her head off at me. I have always been a very picky eater and she has been waiting for revenge for a long time, now. She thought she'd have to wait for me to have kids for the karma to catch up to me. I've been apologising for two weeks, now. Sigh.

Back to trying to figure out how to make the cute mutt eat
The Mommy

Thursday, October 2, 2008


After a very traumatic summer, good things are starting to happen again.

I say traumatic because Mommy was working way too much and leaving me alone and neglecting my blog and worse, neglecting me! Woo! I'm still kind of upset. But I've started sleeping in the big bed with her again, so her punishment is mostly over, especially since she's staying home most of the time.

But that wasn't the point of this post.

The point of this post was to tell you that I'm now, officially at least, three years old! I got salmon for both meals today and mommy stayed home all day with me and played with me and napped with me and cuddled with me and... Ok, ok, that was because she always stays home all day on Wednesdays but STILL! It was a good birthday. We went to the dogrun for a long time andmy friend Misha the boxer mix tried to eat my face a lot (that was fun) and my friend Inook who's a not-as-cute-as-me husky tired to steal my mommy because he's a suck up, but it was till ok because I got to play in the mud and then in the snow! Because the magical snow pile is back and mommy lets me go play there until there's real snow to dig in.

I also want to show you something else good that happened to me this summer
Yeah, that's a good thing. That's my cousin Thulku the rescued pit bull. We were having a lot of fun when that picture was taken, even though we look like we're arguing. Mommy and Thulku's Mommy were a little nervous that we'd REALLY argue because Thulku doesn't always like other dogs and we both were "fixed" older and I really don't like not fixed dogs most of the time and Mommy wasn't sure if I'd think that Thulku was still broken. But I didn't and he liked me and we had so, so, so much fun! He has a HUGE property out in the country by a lake and after we played, we went hiking outside all together and I got to model my harness.

Me showing how happy I am and waiting for mommy to pet me

Thulku and me taking a break

Me getting my well-deserved petting and no, I am not an attention-hog. But I thought it would be appropriate, given all the huzzy pictures going around. Strangely enough, despite the pose this is one of the rare times I'm actually wearing a collar. I only wear one when I'm not at home.

So that was the highlight of my summer. I think back on that and on Mushing for the first time as I turn three and think about the past year.

Woos to you all,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mean Mommy

I haven't blogged in forever!
This is because mommy now has something she calls a job, which implies her being gone almost all the time and being tired when she gets home. I disapprove and scream at her when she gets home, but she never listens. She says that she's earning money to get us a car to go to better mushing trails next winter, but I don't believe her. Woo.

Then this morning, there was a HUGE storm! I was pretty freaked out and I woke mommy p to tell her this. She was not at all amused. She took me outside, then went back to bed. I started crying again. "Louka, it's five in the morning! Go to sleep!" No sympathy. She let me go hide in the closet, cuddle on the bed, but nothing was comforting enough. Finally she turned on the dehumidifier to blank out the noise from outside and fell asleep again. She stayed home all day to play with me, though, so that was ok. But she's been grumbling about a "stupid furry idiot who wakes her up on her day off", whoever that could be.

Abused Louka

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've been tagged by the amazing Queen Meeshka in a very fun game. It's my first official tag, so I'm kinda excited about it. Here are the rules:

1. Copy the question and paste it into your post.
2. Answer it - and give a few reasons for why you think you'd be that breed or breeds.
3. Post these rules!
4. Tag ONE other blogger. If there are multiple pups within the same pack/blog, each pup should only respond when he or she is tagged. One at a time!
5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Based on your pup-onality, if you were a breed other than the one or ones you are now ... what would you be?

Hmmm. I've been giving this a lot of thought. It's very hard to decide what other breed I'd like to be because there are a lot of very cool breeds out there and because I love being a husky so much. I've finally decided, though, and please don't laugh too hard.

I would be a standard poodle.

Why? Because standard poodles can still mush and can mush well, because they're very smart (like me), because they're noble (like me), because they love to get fawned over (like me), because they often get mistaken for girls even when they're boys (what can I say, I have a girl's name, apparently), they're elegant (like me), because they're playful and friendly and cool (like me) and because they can get shaved in the summer with no ill effects and don't die in this stupid heat like I do. Ok, so that last one is why I'd WANT to be a poodle not why I would be based on personality, but whatever. I have a few friend poodles and they're all pretty cool. Besides, mommy thinks they're cute and she thinks I'm cute(r), so that's another reason to be a poodle.

Now I have to tag someone. I think I'll tag fellow Montreal-dog Sophie!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not sure I like this

Mommy has strange ideas, sometimes.

Her newest plan involves me, which makes me a little suspicious. She was reading some posts on a dog forum she's on and someone was asking who's going to be signing up for the Canine Good Citizen test in August given by guides canins. She perused the information and has decided that I'm a good enough dog (as if there was any doubt) and that I could probably pass it, with a little practice. I need to work on test 4 (out for a walk) because usually she lets me walk ahead as long as I'm not pulling to hard and she just tells me left, right or "tout droit" (straight) as if I was pulling the sled. I can do it if asked nicely, though, as I've demonstrated in practice. The only test that she's sure I'm going to fail and that we have to practice intsensely is test 8 (meeting another dog) because I always want to go say hello. What can I say, I'm curious and friendly.

The rest, apparently, I will pass without problems. Especially the grooming part. I love when people pay attention to me! I don't like it when strangers pinch between my toes, though. This happened to me once. I was a little upset, so I gave mommy the "martyr look", as the vet calls it. But I let her do it.

Have any of you guys passed your CGC? Was it hard? did you practice lots and lots?

Louka who doesn't want to have to obey.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Today Mommy came home with a noisy white thing that looks, as granny says "like R2D2", whatever that means. All I know is that it makes a lot of noise, but suddenly my lair, or Mommy's Room, as most people call it, is lot cooler than the rest of the house. It's 27 degrees Celcius and crushing humidity, so this is a welcome development.

Happy woos,

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Three words

Portable air-conditioner.

I want one.

I want one bad.

Someone save me from the heat.


Monday, June 2, 2008

Booming and impending doom

Today was not a good day. First of all, mommy was holding the stupid snake and I was locked out. It's bad enough that I have to go sulk with mommy in the mornings because the stupid bird is out with granny and I can't go into the kitchen and see if there's cheese to be had, now mommy, MY mommy, was holding the stupid snake. And worse, mommy is going to get a second snake. I'm not pleased.

Then I heard mommy on the phone, talking with someone. This isn't a rare occurrence in and of itself, but I heard the words "heartworm preventive treatment", "Louka" and "appointment" all mentioned within a short space of time. This is never good. Then mommy, laughing, tells me that we're going to the vet's tomorrow for a blood test before she can put me on preventives against nasty bugs. I'm not thrilled, even tough the vet-ladies are nice and pet me and give me treats. Sticking me with needles and stealing my blood is not nice. Not nice at all.

That wouldn't have been so bad, but then it started booming! There was all this rumbling and loud noises... It was a storm (with a small s)! I was having a hard time finding a lair to hide in, so mommy kindly cleared out her closet for me ans put covers down. Instant lair. I'm dictating this for her from inside this lair and I'm not coming out until I get cheese or the booming stops, whichever comes first!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A visitor and a missed meal

Well, I just had a fun few days. Harem member #1 came to visit for FIVE WHOLE DAYS of petting and adoring me. AND she and mommy took me to the mountain on sunday to chill at the tamtams.

The Tamtams, to those who are not from around here, are a big, semi-spontaneous, semi-traditional gathering of noisy humans who make lots of noise on big drums (I'm more or less thrilled about this part, but mommy doesn't take me too close to the noise) and smoke strange-smelling stuff (well, some of them do, mommy doesn't) and dance and generally have fun. There's also, a little higher up, a place where strange people dress up and hit each other with foam swords. Since it's quieter, less smelling of strange smoked stuff and very amusing to watch, this is where mommy takes me. I like it there because it's A) outside and B) full of people who just want to pet me and adore me. Including little girls. I LOVE little girls. They're the best petters. Little boys are ok too, but what can I say, I'm a ladies' man, I always prefer girls, given the option.

So everything was going well, mommy and harem member #1 were sitting in the shade watching people hit each other with foam swords and commenting on the battle, when I spotted something small moving towards me. Now generally, I consider small animals, with the exception of small dogs, food. So naturally, what I'm seeing moving towards me is a meal. Mommy, who has my leash around my waist, turns around, a little annoyed that I've gotten up and wanting to see what's interesting me. What SHE sees is a turtle with, as she puts it, a death wish. She grabs tighter at my leash, but she's sitting on the ground and I am a strong sled dog with a mission to eat turtle. I managed to knock her on her back and step on her a few times before I stopped, waiting for the turtle, who's headed towards me at a speed mommy didn't consider possible for turtles, to simply hop into my mouth. Finally the guy who owns the turtle decides to be proactive about keeping his pet alive and goes to pick it up. Now why he had decided to bring his turtle to a gathering of 300+ people where there ARE dogs who are off leash (lucky dogs whose owners are less suspicious of their ability to stay than mommy is of mine) and where people are not expecting a turtle is an interesting question which was never answered. Mommy says it has something to do with the guy not being a knife and therefore him not being too sharp. I just know that now I had Mommy on the ground clinging to my collar, people laughing their heads off (Harem member #1 included) and a dude holding a turtle up to my face. Being a polite dog, I try not to snarf food that is held out to me. So I didn't move fast enough when he put the turtle in my face and I, gratefully, tried to take a delicate bite out of the head. The head disappeared, mommy yanked me away (or tried to) and the guy finally decided that he wasn't going to give me the turtle. I was sad. I perked up a little when the guy put the turtle back down and it tried to come see me again, but Mommy distracted me a bit with a toy and the guy got the point and picked up his turtle. I'm rather disappointed, it smelled very good.

Apparently this turtle has already been attacked by a dog. Mommy says that it has no survival instincts. Harem member #1 just told her to look at who owned the turtle, to consider what that turtle's life must be like and then to draw her own conclusions about the turtle's will to live. I just think that I should have been faster.

Speaking of food, I think it's Manger time and mommy's late with my food...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, Mommy was inspired by Nanook and Pooka's mommy and decided that since summer is here and I can't pull a sled, it's time to make me do other things. I was going to object, but there was cheese and clawing involved and anything that involves cheese and clawing can't be that bad. If you go and see the aforementioned blog, you'll see that Nanook's mommy is teaching Nanook "target", which means bumping his nose against a paper in exchange for treats. Now officially, I know how to bump things with my nose. I just don't because hello, it's my nose. My cute, little nose. So Mommy decided to take a different approach. Since I "talk" a lot with my paws and I know "papatte" and "other papatte" very well, she decided that she would now teach me to hit things. So, she took out my favourite toy that I'm only allowed to have on special occasions at the dogrun when no one else is there, got some cheese and set to work teaching me how to claw my toy in all kinds of situations. She calls this "Frappe" (hit it). She thought the toy would motivate me, and it did. Unfortunately for her, the toy is a small target and I'm used to pawing HER when I want attention. So now her arms are all clawed up, because I can do this nifty digging my claws in like a cat thing. I did very well. Later, she switched to a container lid, which is better for practice and that she can use as a shield. Wuss. But thank you Nanook's mommy for encouraging her to start working with me again! The more cheese I get, the happier I am!

Apart from this, we got some sort of bad news, today. The house sold, after only three days on the market. This sounds like a good thing until you realise that we are tenants, not owners. The landlady, who lived downstairs, died in December and her family have been dealing with the property. We have another year here, but then we'll have to leave because the new landlord wants to move his father in upstairs, where we are. And he started asking if I bark and examining the lease to see if I was really allowed to be living her. Which made Mommy really panic, even though I am legally allowed to stay here. Now there's the whole question of where we're moving to and if we're going to be staying with Granny and Granddaddy or not... Mommy's pretty upset. I've been trying to calm her down with licks and good behaviour and many, many cuddles. I'm trying very hard to resist the urge to steal the covers again tonight (to lie on, not under), too. Maybe more clawing would be in order?

Anyway, that's my news for now!
Thanks again, Nanook's mom, for being an inspiration for me getting more cheese and clawing things

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still rattling around

Sorry I haven't posted much recently, not much interesting has happened for a while. There's no more snow and it's progressively getting hotter, which makes granny happy, but mommy and I a little sad.

Because I'm bored, I'm going to fill out this quiz thing I've seen rattling around a few blogs. Maybe it'll help you guys to know me better, and it'll be fun to do. I stole it from Huffle's blog, but I've seen it a few other places and hopefully he won't mind.

1. Your age? 2 and 1/2 yearss old

2. Your age when came to live with your people? 14 months

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? I don't wear a collar in the house, but the one I use when I go places is black with red, green and yellow chili peppers on it.

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? Any of my harem members.

5. How much do you weigh? 75lbs, last time I checked

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? Um... Everything I've ever chewed up here was hand made. I guess the doll my mommy's great-granny made was the thing that got me into the most trouble, though.

7. Do you like cats? Yes, of course! But mommy thinks that if one was running around, I might hurt it. I've lived with cats before, or so Mommy was told, but she doesn't really trust me.

8. Who is your best non-human friend? Hmmm... Vaks the husky x lab. He's GOD. I so want him to love me and play with me and run around with me, but he always ignores me. This makes me sad. Otherwise I have quite a few friends at the dogrun who I play with regularly.

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Squeaky toys! I LOVE squeaky toys. But I'm not allowed to have any because Granny hates the squeak and I destroy them too fast.

10. Do you like to be brushed? When I'm shedding, yes. Generally if it means that I'm getting loves and attention, I will sit through anything.

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? Cheese! Mommy says I'd sell my soul for cheese and I probably would.

12. Do your people cut your toenails? Yes. But generally mommy does this while I'm getting petted and loved on, so I barely notice. I like being fawned over, it's my job in life, apart from pulling the sled.

13. Any formal education? I attended at least one obedience class. I don't remember if I did in my former home, but Mommy took me to a class here where I got to play with a baby jack russel and terrorize a poor daschund. She was just intimidated by my size, don't worry, I wasn't mean to her. I did very well, which surprised the teacher and made her say I must not be a pure husky.

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? In the house, I'm calm until after supper, when it's time to go Marcher. Outside, I zoom a lot.

15. Five nicknames your people call you. Loulou, Wookie, Husky, Bebe, imbecile.

16. What is your best trick? Papatte, other papatte. If I do that, it goes faster to put the harness on. Other than that, left, right... I don't do tricks that have no purpose.

17. Do you like puppies? Um.... Depends on the puppy. Mommy says I can be a bit of a bully, sometimes. But I'm really, really nice with some puppies and i roll over on my back and let them bounce all over me.

18. What did you have for breakfast? Ground beef, today, and a carrot. I'm raw fed, so every day is something different. I've been getting ground beef a lot recently, though, I'm starting to be sick of it.

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? If so, what?
I am the master hunter! I caught and killed a wild baby bunny, once. And I almost caught a skunk, but it was mean and sprayed me and that was not fun.

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? Um... A few months ago, I think. It was for a general check up and vaccines.

21. Where do you sleep at night? On my rug next to Mommy's bed, sometimes IN mommy's bed, sometimes other places in the house. But mostly next to mommy, somewhere.

22. Do you like to swim? Not really.

23. Can you make puppies? I'll have to ask mommy.... No. Apparently I can't.

24. Your favorite place to visit? Hmmm, decisions decisions... The dogrun, then the mountain, then the good-smelling dogfood store, in that order.

25. Do you give kisses? Yes! Sometimes. When I feel like it.

26. Can you potty on command? No, why would I do that? As I said, I don't do things that are pointless to me.

27. To Cuz or not to Cuz?
CUZ! I love cuzes. But I can only have mine at the dogrun if there are no other dogs. It's a special treat.

So that's it, folks... You can also ask me questions, if you want, and I'll answer them...
Until next time,

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mommy is proud of me

Like the title says, mommy is particularly proud of me today.

You guys may not know this, but I'm not always 100% nice with other dogs. I don't like most uncastrated males and I can be a bit toy possessive. So I'm only about 90% nice. But mommy keeps an eye on me and usually I'm fine.

Now there's this other husky mix who comes to our dogrun, Tattoo, who I really can't stand. He's not fixed, you see, and he's afraid of me, so it's kind of fun to growl at him. A few months ago, we got into an argument over a ball that mommy still hasn't forgiven me for. And he remembers, because he cries when he sees me, which makes mommy feel really ashamed, because I'm a bad dog with him.

Today, he was at the dogrun. I had friends, though, so I didn't really see him or care. Mommy was a bit worried that I may go harass him, though (who, me?) and was toying with the idea of leaving, but didn't, because I was playing with Domino, who's TOTALLY COOL and it was fun. But there was still a potential for a situation, there. Well, let's just say that for once in my life, I had 100% recall, today, I came and gave Mommy the ball every time I found one lying around and she didn't want e playing with it and I did this without growling even though there were other doggies around and I didn't resist at all. The result? I didn't go growl at Tattoo, I didn't pick a fight and we were in the same dogrun together for an hour without any problems. Mommy was very proud of my behaviour and happy that we didn't have to leave. She says that at the first sign of disobedience on my part and we would have headed straight home, but I got an A+ in getting along. I didn't even growl when Tattoo got kinda close and he was crying or when he barked triumphantly as Mommy led me away to the other side of the dogrun so that neither one of us would get any bright ideas.

And I got to play with Domino for an hour and a half. So it was a good day.
I hope you all had as good a day as me!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Viciously attacked!

As most of you know, I go to the dogrun every day. I don't have a nice yard to zoom around in. At the dogrun, Mommy has to watch me, sometimes, because I don't always agree with the presence of uncastrated males and sometimes I get growly around toys. I've even gotten into fights a few times. But never, ever has mommy been hurt in these incidents and always, once separated the fight stopped.

Today was different. Today, I wasn't the one getting into a fight. I got jumped by two very vicious boston terriers who wanted my death and who didn't hesitate to bite mommy to get to me. I was pretty freaked. I've never encountered that level of vicious. Now I'm a pretty big dog, but they were so after me that they managed to pin me to the ground, then their friend the boxer who was on leash got close enough to jump me too. Mommy was very angry. She finally managed to grab me (I may have accidentally bit her on the arm, then, but this just goes to prove that putting your arm into a dog fight is stupid) and was running away with me and these little monsters were chasing us, still trying to rip into me and got mommy on the leg. Several times. We left very fast, with me running for the gate faster than even mommy. She was very upset, and I was afraid that she was upset at me, especially when she got out the stuff to put on the cut in my ear which was my only battle wound and it stung, but she said that I was a good boy and that she was proud of me (mommy's note: This is the first time I've ever hoped that he's hurt another dog in a fight. I am so pissed, I hope those ill-trained rats at least have a couple of cuts of their own) and I'm sleeping on the bed right now, dictating my message while she types.

Dang, she just noticed the cut under my eye. She'd had better not put stinging stuff on that too...

Sad woos,
Louka who does not like being attacked or ganged up on.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Oprah on puppy mills

Well I'm certainly getting a lot of attention. Mommy got a head's up this week that the episode of Oprah that aired today would be about puppy mills. Although it was nothing she didn't know or hadn't heard about before, she was very, very happy that someone as influential and widely known as Oprah would do such a show to tell people about this horrible reality. Of course, watching the show meant her bawling and petting and cuddling me a lot. Which means that I'm grateful too. Not only is Oprah getting the word out, she'd directly responsible for even more spoiling of me!

In other news, we're getting more schnee. Most of the humans aren't amused. I am.

Woos to all,

Thursday, April 3, 2008

No more schnee

Well, my beloved snow is vanishing quickly, which makes me sad. It does mean, however, that there's lots of interesting smells coming up at the dogrun and lots of things to roll in. Unfortunately, this means more baths for me, which I really hate. Really. But I get cheese and I'm allowed to sleep on a towel on the bed as a treat after, so I don't complain too, too much. The lack of snow also means that we can now see the fence all around the dogrun and it needs major repairs. The chain link part came down on one side, where the snow cleared from the road was piled on it. But we have a good dogrun and all will be fixed in short order, or so I'm told.

There were lots of friends to play with at the dogrun today, which made me happy. I got to run and run and run and wrestle and roll! My favourite thing. Mommy says that she can't wait for the day we have our own place and I can have a sister. But she wants to work on my toy possession around other dogs first. Any suggestions, anyone? I don't want to share, but Mommy says that I have to learn or she may sic Granny on me! Help!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've got it made

Two posts in one day! Unheard of! But I just had to post. I just had to brag about how far I've come from that scary little cage at the pound where Mommy found me.

Today, I decided to snub my meal. I do this every now in then, in hopes that mommy will give me something better or that she'll run around like a good slave trying to make it more tasty. Usually, one of these two things happens. Today, pig spine was on the menu. I decided that no, I wanted more ground meat, preferably with a little liver. Mommy was annoyed. So she let me in (evil granny insists on exiling me to the balcony to eat, something about not wanting my food on her floor. Really.) and started teasing me a bit with the spine, hopin to make it more appetizing. I made my "ick" face. She growled and tore off a pit to show me all the nice meat on the spine. I pretended to be interested and took it, tugging a bit. Now she was sitting on the floor, right where I wanted her. I started gnawing experimentally, then took it away from her and laid down next to her. Then put it down and ignored it. She tried again. Now, sneaking into her lap, I allowed her to hold the spine for me while I ate, comfortably cuddled in her lap, being petted with her other hand. Now that, my friends, is the life.

Woos of happy spoiledness,

Bye bye fence

Sigh, it's getting warmer here and it's almost time to say goodbye to the snow for good. Of course, since we still have 20-foot snowbanks in some places, it'll be a while since it leaves completely. One of Mommy's major concerns, this winter, has been the fence at the dogrun. Since we were mushing a lot, she hadn't been too worried, but now she says it's the only reason she wants the snow to melt. the fence is, all around, way too short to keep dogs in, with all this snow. It's only an inch or two high, in some places. We've been doing a lot of walking on leash, but we have been going to the dogrun when I have friends to play with. I'm a bit of a mommy's boy (shhh, don't tell) and unlike most huskies, I generally stay close, especially when there are other dogs to play with. As soon as my attention goes near the fence, I'm captured and either redirected or taken home, but mommy can't wait to not have to watch me as closely anymore!

I still want the snow to stay forever


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too much snow? It's abuse!

So, apparently I'm abused. Mommy found this out the other day when I was pulling the sled to the mountain to mush. There were lots of snowbanks and the sled kept getting stuck on ice blocks so mommy wasn't happy and may have been whining a bit at me. I don't really remember, I tend to ignore her when she gets like that. She hears this woman yelling at the other side of the street and suddenly realizes that the lady's yelling at her. She's in a hurry and she can't really hear her, but finally she catches what the woman is saying. The lady was accusing her of abusing me! Of course later, as I was lounging on the big bed mommy thinks is hers with Harem member #1 petting me and cooing over me and Mommy giving me a pedicure, clipping my nails and rubbing salve into my road-salt abused paw pads, she was laughing about it. She hasn't stopped laughing since. Especially since when we went mushing with harem member #1 and I refused to pull for her, only for mommy. Who does she think I am! I'm not going to take the chance that mommy never catches up with us! I thought I was pulling mommy, but it was all lies and deceit! So I stopped as soon as she yelled a command and I saw that mommy was nowhere in sight and waited for mommy to find us. So I still think I could be treated better. Mommy could stay home more.

Because that's not what she did the next day: she left. And she took Harem member #1 with her. She left me with Auntique and she went up to Rawdon in the country where there was LOTS of nice snow and skidoo trails to mush on! She left for the whole weekend and then we had a HUGE snowstorm that even I didn't want to be out in (snow is great, howling winds, not so much) and got stuck there so she couldn't come home! I stayed in our room and sulked until she came home. Now she's home, there's snowbanks taller than I am everywhere (but Auntique left for New York with the camera, so I can't show you) and I'm finally happy. She's even taking me mushing tomorrow and getting me more pig spines to eat. Maybe I won't call the SPCA on her after all...

Speaking of snow, we're 31 centimeters away from our all-time record snowfall. We're supposed to get a few more centimeters tomorrow and I'm hoping for another storm or two to beat the record! Sibes, help me fix the weather!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm upset

We just got (well, are still getting) another foot of snow and what is Mommy doing? Sleeping and doing homework. She isn't taking me, her lovely husky, to play in the schnee, never mind taking me mushing! It would be perfect, even the roads are a bit covered, so our sled runners wouldn't get scrapped on the cement walking to the mushing trail, but no. Homework. Apparently she's tired because she stayed up until 3AM translating and redoing a powerpoint presentation about puppy mills. How dare she. She had the light on in our room until all hours and now this! She thinks that she's buying me off with this nice bone, but she's wrong! She will suffer my husky wrath.
Unhappy woos,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Skunks and Sniff

Well, it's that time of year again. We're starting to smell the skunks, the weather's being iffy again, with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Celcius (32 Farenheit) and Mommy's starting to mourn the snow with me. And granny starts cackling and telling Mommy to get out her camping gear because "You know he's going to get skunked again. They don't learn". Her plan would be to exile me to the balcony in case of skunking. And if I get exiled, Mommy's volunteered to go sit out there with me and cuddle with me because I hate being alone for very long periods. Don't I have a good mommy?

I also want to send a final woo out to my virtual friend Sniff the German Shepherd who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. Sniff was a 100% working dog who was training in shutzhund with his beloved master. They were a team and Sniff was his master's perfect dog. He was one of those dogs who few people would really want to own, too crazy to really be a housepet, but with the perfect energy and drive for the work he had been bred to do. Sunday, he was limping and couldn't support his weight in one of his back legs. The verdict: ruptured ligament. He would never have been able to work again, the vet said, some light exercise, nothing more. A dog like that, who has been bred and trained his whole life to be a working dog, who has an insane amount of energy to spend would go crazy as an inside dog who's only allowed a slow walk after supper. So Sniff's beloved master, with a breaking heart, did what he thought was best for his sweet boy and let him cross the rainbow bridge where he can work and run as much as he wants forever. His master is heartbroken at the loss and I want to send him some good vibes. Here's to you, Sniff, and to your master.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Working hard

We went out mushing 3 times last week! And since Mommy's on march break, we're going to be going out a lot this coming week, I sense. Mommy is very pleased with my progress. We've started doing the whole trail, all the way up to the cross on the top of the mountain, instead of just doubling back. I like this too, because I get to run more. She says we have to practice a few things like passing left and right, holding to one side of the trail and turning. I don't always agree with her sense of direction. Sometimes yes, but other times no. Apparently we're going to be doing leash practice, which is boring. We did a little bit at the dogrun, but I got bored and hyper fast, so Mommy let me play more. We got a half foot of snow, yesterday, so there's lots to zoomie in.

Apart from that, life's been pretty good. Mommy's been letting me sneak up to the top half of the bed for cuddles, Auntique has been petting me lots, granny's finally home... Granddaddy too, but he and I have a guy thing going on that keeps us from really admitting how much we like each other. I will totally cuddle-hog my girls, but with Granddaddy I have to stay a bit more reserved. But I totally adore him too. He gives me cheese. And all kinds of other stuff.

I have to go now, Auntique is trying to steal my rug again, I have to go make sure she knows it's mine. And that she pets me.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mommy's folly

So, it's Saturday, which means that the trail we usually take is probably full of people and dogs, so mommy doesn't want to go mushing there. But the snow was nice and she was going out in the evening, so she decided to take me mushing on the little trail. As she thought, it turned out to be too steep and turny and narrow for us to really mush properly going up and she had to keep a foot on the ground on the way down to slow the sled so it wouldn't run into me. But after that, what does Mommy decided to do? Mommy decides to take us on the little trail. The little trail that gradually disappears and suddenly has so steep an incline that SHE has to climb on her hands and knees. So the ride went a bit like this:

Beginning of the trail. Now the question is, where is the trail?

Some kind young men broke the trail for us. I'm very good at following trails. And Mommy's random waving when she's trying to point me in a specific direction. By this point she was behind the sled pushing (and clinging to get a lift up) while I was valiantly climbing on every time she said "Marche", which is my command for, well, Mush! Mommy says that it was very good for practicing my weight-pulling skills and I'll be better at pulling her, after this. She also says it was good cardio for her and she needs to get back in shape.

Then we ran into Jay the dogwalker and Mommy unhitched me so I could play with the other doggies., I was on leash, though, because she doesn't trust my recall, even when I'm in a pack and having fun. She was tempted, but she trusted that little voice, because she would be devastated to lose me. And she would have had to pull the sled herself.

Don't those unleashed doggies look like they're having fun? I like Jay the dogwalker, he's very good with his pack and he loves to pet me. And he always has lots of doggies for me to play with.

Then mommy abandoned me to go see a stupid boy (ok, he's not so stupid, I actually let him in the house and don't act like a brat around him even without Mommy making me be good), saw some of my harem members and petted a cat. Without me! I'm upset. But I got to take over her bed while she was gone, so some things are going moderately well, at least.

Just to show you that huskies really are a working breed!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Louka, CHAMPION mush-dog

Mommy FINALLY took pictures of me working! I was a lot happier, this time. I didn't want to stop at all. Mommy's mushing Mentor, the amazing Julie, made mommy a new tug-line, with a bungee under the sled that acts as a shock absorber. You have no idea how much easier this is to pull. Of course mommy helped me out a tiny bit by kicking for the sled to go forward while we were going uphill, especially during the last bit, but she didn't have to hop off and run at all (damn, that was kind of amusing) and I pulled her all the way back down no problem! I even got CHEESE when I got home for being such a good boy! Mommy usually doesn't give me cheese because she says it turns me into a biological weapon and I do sleep in her room. I have no idea what she means

Well, here are the pictures. They aren't very good, but at least you'll get an idea of how fun this is.

Before the ride, just to see the whole getup

Let's go, already!

Hard at work

Stop chatting and get back on the sled, already

Ok, break time. Remember, this is Hard Work.

Do we REALLY have to stop now?

Relaxing while Mommy takes pictures and puts the sled away

Hmm, are there any skunks under here?

You can really see my flipped back ear well, here. See how the right ear curls back a bit? Well mommy WON'T STOP BITING IT because she thinks it's cute.

And finally, my just reward. It's her fault she didn't pick up the futon.

Well I'm really tired now, but I had a LOT of fun. Mommy only has a class in the morning tomorrow and they're announcing more snow on the radio, so we might go again TOMORROW!!! What a great life. And if ever mommy follows through on her plan and we move to Nunavik, I might get to do this every day! Of course, it'll be a lot more fun when I have a sister (or brother, but I'd prefer a sister) to do this with, but it's nice mommy-time, too.

Well, it's supper time, so I have to leave you at that
Hope you had as good a valentine's day as I did!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vet and other news

Ok, I know I don't post regularly, but it's not my fault that not much happens around here. Apart from the melting of the snow, which was sad and made mommy depressed in January and her attempts to make me mush, which are working more or less well. She's decided that I need someone to pull with me since I probably don't have the muscle tone yet or the will to be a good lead dog. I like having someone with me up front. She's promised me that one day I'll have a sister to mush with, but right now she can't have two huskies, so she's ALL MINE! She says we're getting a new piece of equipment that'll make it easier for me, a better tugline with a bungee to absorb the shock of when we start. I'm still skeptical.

Anyway, I went to the vet last week! It was a new vet, since my last one retired. It was kinda nerve wracking, with all these new smells, new people, new dogs... I cried a bit. But I also proved to mommy that I like cats! I have lived with cats before, but Mommy's always been a bit worried, because I like to hunt things and I killed a bunny once. At the vet's office, there was this pretty kitty who was loose and who came to say hello and I was wagging my tail and happy and not at all in 'hunt mode', as mommy puts it. She still thinks that I'd try and play with the cat, though, which is not good, because I play very rough and I don't really care about size. Speak of size... I got weighed at the vet's. I've put on 15 pounds! I now weigh a healthy 75 pounds, which the vet says is good and is my healthy weight. Mommy is now 99% sure I have a malamute ancestor not too far up my family tree. Huskies are supposed to not weigh more than 60 lbs and are usually quite a bit under that, not have tails that are all curly like mine, not be as tall... But she says it doesn't really matter, I'm 100% Good Boy. Mommy also liked my new vet a lot because this vet follows the 3-year vaccination protocol, which is what Mommy wanted for me and she doesn't try and push all kinds of products and stuff on Mommy all the time. The old vet did.

We've been getting lots of snow, ice and hail around here. It hasn't gotten particularly cold, which is ok, just hovering around the -10 C mark, which is nice and comfortable. Mommy was very impressed with the hail, because we got about a foot of it and it was like sand. She thought the texture was really neat. We got more snow yesterday and this morning, too, which was nice.

Before I go, I'd like to send a little thought out to my friend Kumu qho just lost his mommy, Carmen. Kumu is a beagle friend of mine and his mommy was a very nice artist-lady who loved me and loved my howling. She was delighted when Kumu and I, along with two of my husky friends, started a quartet, one day. She and Mommy loved to chat while we played, although I wasn't really allowed to play with Kumu because I've been known to toss beagles before, and she was very interesting. She died in the end of last month. We only found out yesterday and Mommy's been very sad about it. It's a pity we didn't get to know her better in the short time we knew her. Rest in peace, Carmen, and watch over Kumu until he comes to join you.

Woos to you all,

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Huskies are working dogs

And Mommy has decided that I should do what I was bred for. So I've been learning to be a good musing dog. It's pretty fun, when we're not going uphill and when the snow is nice, but Mommy doesn't let me sniff around! I don't get that. I actually lay down in protest, the other day. Mommy should lose some weight. Or at least keep running behind the sled. I don't get the big idea of her jumping onto the runners. It's annoying. She was wondering why I was flattening a bit, but she figured I was just trying to pull the sled better and she was happy with me, but then I just lay down and started eating snow. She laughed and came to pet me a bit. Haroo roo roo! I have her well trained. Anyway, on the way back the trail is slightly slanted downhill, so it's easier and I love it. Lots of trotting, without that stupid leash.

Besides not being allowed to sniff around, I'm not allowed to play with other doggies when I'm in harness. I don't get that either. Aren't sniffing and playing my jobs? Mommy is strange, sometimes.

We're still working on getting Auntique to come with us to take pictures and help Mommy out (Mommy thinks she's so clever, planning to have Auntique on the runners and her beside me so that I run with her, but she doesn't see that I've just gotten her to do what I want). when we do have pictures, we'll post them.

Until then,
Harroo and enjoy the snow most of you just got!
Louka the Champion Mushing Husky (Granny says so)