Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not sure I like this

Mommy has strange ideas, sometimes.

Her newest plan involves me, which makes me a little suspicious. She was reading some posts on a dog forum she's on and someone was asking who's going to be signing up for the Canine Good Citizen test in August given by guides canins. She perused the information and has decided that I'm a good enough dog (as if there was any doubt) and that I could probably pass it, with a little practice. I need to work on test 4 (out for a walk) because usually she lets me walk ahead as long as I'm not pulling to hard and she just tells me left, right or "tout droit" (straight) as if I was pulling the sled. I can do it if asked nicely, though, as I've demonstrated in practice. The only test that she's sure I'm going to fail and that we have to practice intsensely is test 8 (meeting another dog) because I always want to go say hello. What can I say, I'm curious and friendly.

The rest, apparently, I will pass without problems. Especially the grooming part. I love when people pay attention to me! I don't like it when strangers pinch between my toes, though. This happened to me once. I was a little upset, so I gave mommy the "martyr look", as the vet calls it. But I let her do it.

Have any of you guys passed your CGC? Was it hard? did you practice lots and lots?

Louka who doesn't want to have to obey.

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Sophie Brador said...

What's the problem with saying hi to another dog? I figure, as long as I don't try to kill the other dude, I'm being a pretty damn good canine citizen.