Friday, September 28, 2007

Lots of pictures

Ok, so I keep promising Dave that I'll put up pictures of Granny's quilts, but I never have. I'm sorry for the delay, but Mommy is lazy about taking pictures and Granny was taking a few away to get photographed professionally. So here they are:

This first one is one of two blinds that Granny made that are hanging in her room. I don't have any good pictures of her earlier work which is mostly done by hand. This is done by machine and is very handy for blocking out snoopy neighbours since our windows are about 2 meters away from theirs and they don't bother with blinds. Of course, it's mommy and Granny's bedrooms facing their Office and dining room, so mommy and Granny are the ones inconvenienced. These are pretty, I find. They aren't identical, but I'm just showing you one to give you an idea.

None of the professional photos want to load, something about them being in the wrong format, so all of these are the "rough draft" pictures of Granny's recent quilts:

This one is a "Bargello" quilt. It now has a binding, but not in this picture. It's mommy's favourite, because it matches our room and mommy likes red. Granny made four of these for the four elements. Guess which element this is? I wasn't allowed to help choose the fabrics, which makes me sad. I was the only one in the house not consulted! I'm not allowed in the sewing room alone anymore either, because of an incident involving me and some thread. Humans. Make one mistake and they hold it over your head for the rest of eternity. Sheesh.
Pardon the quality of this picture. This is an old quilt of Granny's that hangs on the wall of the sewing room. It's hand pieced and hand quilted, so from before she had her nice Janome sewing machine and before I was born, never mind before I came to live here. She says that it's a picture of a place she used to go to near her home in New Mexico when she was a puppy. It's called the "Green place" The green is where a stream was, the only green place in the desert, the gold/brown is the sand and "mesas" (whatever those are), the purple is the distant mountains and the blue is the sky. Mommy says she remembers seeing it up on the quilt wall when she was a puppy. Granny pieced it when she was in the car, waiting to pick mommy and auntique up from the evil school-place that mommy always abandons me for. It's why she started quilting in the first place. Mommy says that she thinks that this was granny's 4th quilt.

There are more, but none that I have good pictures of and some of you dogs may get bored. But before I let you go, Mommy wants to brag about her own talents. She's not really a quilter, but she's a neurotic knitter. I try to help her by eating her wool, but she doesn't seem to appreciate my hard work. Humans, I tell you. This piece that is on her (our!) bed is what she does with the leftovers of wool that are too little for a whole project, but that she wants to do something with. She apologizes for the mess of the surrounding room.

Of course I approve anything that goes on that bed.

It'll do

Wait, why is that camera in my face?

Ok, that's enough. Take it away. Really. Humans. No shame.

Anyway, that's it for now. When I have better pictures of the cellphone case that Mommy made with my stolen fur, I'll post them. For now, enjoy the colours! Doesn't it show that my family likes colours? Even the wall of our room is bright red. With fairies on it. Golden ones. Maybe that obsession with the colour red is why mommy thinks red and auburn huskies are so cute? Not that I'm not cute enough for her. She needed a little more black and white in her life and decorating her clothes.

Til next time,

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back

Well, my exile finally didn't last that long, but I'm juuuuuust being allowed back into certain rooms of the house. I had to spend the night on the balcony and in the morning mommy washed me with a combination of peroxide, baking soda and shampoo. Then she washed me with vinegar. I was very upset. I don't approve of baths. Especially since she had just bathed me the day before for rolling and had to bathe me the day after, also for rolling. Well, I so didn't want to smell like flowers. All the girl dogs would have laughed at me and maybe Lily wouldn't want to play anymore and I LIKE playing with Lily. She's fun.

In other news, I lost my big red dogrun cuz. I had one of those huge devil cuz things that was so big only I could fit it in my mouth correctly. Uma the golden took off with it, though, then forgot it somewhere (she's a bit of a ditz, but we love her anyway), so it's gone. Now mommy doesn't have anything to distract me with for the times when I'm all alone with little dogs I'm not allowed to play with. Hehehehehehehehehe. Although that doesn't happen often. I've been very popular at the dogrun, lately, which mostly means I spend a lot of time being slammed onto the ground by several dogs who mob me at once. It's very fun.

So, speaking of toys, do any of you dogs have favourite toys, or toys that you're only allowed to have in special situations?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I'm in big trouble...

I got skunked.

Well, what? It was under the porch and I saw it and dashed for it, so mommy, who was coming down the steps with me let go of the leash because she didn't want to fall and she hadn't seen the skunk, then I went to eat it, but it sprayed me! So now the whole neighbourhood smells and I'm not allowed in the house. I've been banished to the balcony. Which makes me sad. Mommy says I'm getting more baths tomorrow, which worries me. I got one yesterday because I rolled in something that smelled a lot, but today is a step up. Granny can't stop laughing and mommy's so embarassed...

Mommy's note: If any of you have recipes to share to make the stink go away please, please, please send them my way. I've got a few already, but I'd like as many as possible to speed Louka's return into the house. Thanks

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What are they doing to my fur?

Hello one and all.

Strange things are happening. A new machine that my granny is all excited about has entered the house. It's called a felting machine. So she's been making all kinds of stuff with that and tryi8ng all kinds of different fibers. So then mommy arrives with a big bag of my fur that she's collected and tells granny to try that! What! I was keeping that fur to clone myself with! How dare she! At least she hasn't found my collection under the bed... Anyway, granny says that my fur is the best material for felting so far, along with wool. And she made my mommy a new cellphone case with my picture made of my fur on it. The nerve. Why couldn't she just keep quilting like Dave's mommy?

A very put out Louka

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


This is a neat little challenge that I've seen on a few blogs and decided to try to fill out. Here goes!

What is your name? Louka
4 letter word: love
Vehicle: Land Rover
TV Show: Lost in Space
City: Laval (Or L'abord a plouffe... Mommy thinks that one is funny because it means the edge of splash, but it's not technically a city anymore since it merged into Laval...)
Boy Name: Leon
Girl Name: Leila
Alcoholic Drink: Liqueur
Occupation: Librarian
Something you wear:
Celebrity: Louison Danis
Lox (I waaaaaaaant)
Something found in a bathroom: Loo
Reason for being late: Lost...
Cartoon Character: Lucy from Peanuts
Something You Shout: Lucky!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Shopping and good vibes

Recently, mommy has started doing something new that I'm not sure I like: she takes me shopping. Not in stores, of course, but outside at these little things called "Garage sales" where, despite the name, they aren't selling garages or even selling from a garage. It involves a lot of me having to sit around while she shops and it's pretty boring, usually. Today, however, she brought me to Organic Market, where there's lots of cool smells and lots of people who pet me and tell me that I'm a good boy! That makes me happy. Mommy's also proud of me because she had looped the leash over her shoulder because she had her hands full, but I still listened to her voice commands of left, right, and halt without her having to give me leash cues. She's prepping me for sledding, she says.

Now on a totally different subject, I'd like to send lots of positive vibes to Thrawn of the brat pack and his mommy Maryann. He's been sick and needs our good energy and she needs our support. He's a wonderful husky who had a bad start in life and she's an amazing woman who rescued him and has been serving and caring for him throughout all of his illnesses despite having 4 other dogs to care for as well! Wow, he sure lucked out in the human department...

Woos to you all,