Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm back

Well, my exile finally didn't last that long, but I'm juuuuuust being allowed back into certain rooms of the house. I had to spend the night on the balcony and in the morning mommy washed me with a combination of peroxide, baking soda and shampoo. Then she washed me with vinegar. I was very upset. I don't approve of baths. Especially since she had just bathed me the day before for rolling and had to bathe me the day after, also for rolling. Well, I so didn't want to smell like flowers. All the girl dogs would have laughed at me and maybe Lily wouldn't want to play anymore and I LIKE playing with Lily. She's fun.

In other news, I lost my big red dogrun cuz. I had one of those huge devil cuz things that was so big only I could fit it in my mouth correctly. Uma the golden took off with it, though, then forgot it somewhere (she's a bit of a ditz, but we love her anyway), so it's gone. Now mommy doesn't have anything to distract me with for the times when I'm all alone with little dogs I'm not allowed to play with. Hehehehehehehehehe. Although that doesn't happen often. I've been very popular at the dogrun, lately, which mostly means I spend a lot of time being slammed onto the ground by several dogs who mob me at once. It's very fun.

So, speaking of toys, do any of you dogs have favourite toys, or toys that you're only allowed to have in special situations?


Maddie & Frankie said...

Hi Louka!

Frankie Girl the Sibeian Husky here.
Nice to meet you on your blog. It seems you have gotten alot of baths lately, huh. Phew, I don't really like them either.

My favorite toy would have to be the big black kong, filled with peanut butter. My sister Maddie's
is her round Blue Pool Toy, she wrote about it on our blog as a matter of fact. She carries that thing around all day in the house.

See you soon,
Frankie Girl

The Army of Four said...

Hey Louka - I smelled skunk last night when I went out to go potty. Was it you? Ha roo roo roo! Sorry to hear about that. Especially the bath part!
I like our rubbery bones made by Nylabone. They're kind of like bone-shaped Kongs. Only they're REAL dinosaur bones. The blue one is my favorite!
Play bows,