Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't blogged a lot recently. Apparently mommy's lecturers at the big bad place that usually steals her away are on strike, which means that I have been terribly busy following her around the house making sure she's staying home. And I guard her while she sleeps. And right now, I've been supervising more sewing and knitting projects. She currently has a new blanket on the floor, all kinds of pretty colours. It's what's called a granny square blanket, so I'm assuming that it is for granny, even though she is not square. I am supervising from the couch, a rare luxury since granny doesn't want me up here. I was a very good, patient boy all day, though, so Mommy's letting me sleep there while she works. Whenever she gets up to rearrange squares and then pick them up for joining, I give my approval on her colour matches. It is a lot of fun.

Now what do I do while mommy's at the big bad university place, usually? Well I supervise my quilter granny, even when she's using the noisy innova machine. Soon you will get an idea of how well I work, but how will you know? It's a surprise!
Louka who is now tired from his hard work.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring woes

Spring has unfortunately arrived. My nice schnee is no more. I am enjoying all the new scents and the glorious mud, though. I've been digging, rolling, splashing... Mommy did not approve. I had to go through the indignity of a bath and since I have not shed my undercoat yet, all my nice fluffiness was wet of hours. And then even worse, Auntique chased me off her nice soft white wool rug.

Anyone else going through winter withdrawal?


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hockey night

I am a sports-loving dog unless I'm doing them or unless there are horses involved. I love horses, even just on tv, I could stare at them for hours. But they never want to play with me. Anyway, this is why I never understand this whole Hockey thing. Lots of people come over, there's screaming sometimes to the point that Mommy has no voice for a week and there is lots of cheese that I don't get to have any of! What is this! Last weekend I got really scared because Mommy was shrieking and all the guys were screaming and I was accidentally locked in our room and I couldn't go and save her! And then I found out it's just Hockey. She hasn't been able to talk since. This is my revenge.
Anyone else have to deal with this?