Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've got it made

Two posts in one day! Unheard of! But I just had to post. I just had to brag about how far I've come from that scary little cage at the pound where Mommy found me.

Today, I decided to snub my meal. I do this every now in then, in hopes that mommy will give me something better or that she'll run around like a good slave trying to make it more tasty. Usually, one of these two things happens. Today, pig spine was on the menu. I decided that no, I wanted more ground meat, preferably with a little liver. Mommy was annoyed. So she let me in (evil granny insists on exiling me to the balcony to eat, something about not wanting my food on her floor. Really.) and started teasing me a bit with the spine, hopin to make it more appetizing. I made my "ick" face. She growled and tore off a pit to show me all the nice meat on the spine. I pretended to be interested and took it, tugging a bit. Now she was sitting on the floor, right where I wanted her. I started gnawing experimentally, then took it away from her and laid down next to her. Then put it down and ignored it. She tried again. Now, sneaking into her lap, I allowed her to hold the spine for me while I ate, comfortably cuddled in her lap, being petted with her other hand. Now that, my friends, is the life.

Woos of happy spoiledness,

Bye bye fence

Sigh, it's getting warmer here and it's almost time to say goodbye to the snow for good. Of course, since we still have 20-foot snowbanks in some places, it'll be a while since it leaves completely. One of Mommy's major concerns, this winter, has been the fence at the dogrun. Since we were mushing a lot, she hadn't been too worried, but now she says it's the only reason she wants the snow to melt. the fence is, all around, way too short to keep dogs in, with all this snow. It's only an inch or two high, in some places. We've been doing a lot of walking on leash, but we have been going to the dogrun when I have friends to play with. I'm a bit of a mommy's boy (shhh, don't tell) and unlike most huskies, I generally stay close, especially when there are other dogs to play with. As soon as my attention goes near the fence, I'm captured and either redirected or taken home, but mommy can't wait to not have to watch me as closely anymore!

I still want the snow to stay forever


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too much snow? It's abuse!

So, apparently I'm abused. Mommy found this out the other day when I was pulling the sled to the mountain to mush. There were lots of snowbanks and the sled kept getting stuck on ice blocks so mommy wasn't happy and may have been whining a bit at me. I don't really remember, I tend to ignore her when she gets like that. She hears this woman yelling at the other side of the street and suddenly realizes that the lady's yelling at her. She's in a hurry and she can't really hear her, but finally she catches what the woman is saying. The lady was accusing her of abusing me! Of course later, as I was lounging on the big bed mommy thinks is hers with Harem member #1 petting me and cooing over me and Mommy giving me a pedicure, clipping my nails and rubbing salve into my road-salt abused paw pads, she was laughing about it. She hasn't stopped laughing since. Especially since when we went mushing with harem member #1 and I refused to pull for her, only for mommy. Who does she think I am! I'm not going to take the chance that mommy never catches up with us! I thought I was pulling mommy, but it was all lies and deceit! So I stopped as soon as she yelled a command and I saw that mommy was nowhere in sight and waited for mommy to find us. So I still think I could be treated better. Mommy could stay home more.

Because that's not what she did the next day: she left. And she took Harem member #1 with her. She left me with Auntique and she went up to Rawdon in the country where there was LOTS of nice snow and skidoo trails to mush on! She left for the whole weekend and then we had a HUGE snowstorm that even I didn't want to be out in (snow is great, howling winds, not so much) and got stuck there so she couldn't come home! I stayed in our room and sulked until she came home. Now she's home, there's snowbanks taller than I am everywhere (but Auntique left for New York with the camera, so I can't show you) and I'm finally happy. She's even taking me mushing tomorrow and getting me more pig spines to eat. Maybe I won't call the SPCA on her after all...

Speaking of snow, we're 31 centimeters away from our all-time record snowfall. We're supposed to get a few more centimeters tomorrow and I'm hoping for another storm or two to beat the record! Sibes, help me fix the weather!


Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I'm upset

We just got (well, are still getting) another foot of snow and what is Mommy doing? Sleeping and doing homework. She isn't taking me, her lovely husky, to play in the schnee, never mind taking me mushing! It would be perfect, even the roads are a bit covered, so our sled runners wouldn't get scrapped on the cement walking to the mushing trail, but no. Homework. Apparently she's tired because she stayed up until 3AM translating and redoing a powerpoint presentation about puppy mills. How dare she. She had the light on in our room until all hours and now this! She thinks that she's buying me off with this nice bone, but she's wrong! She will suffer my husky wrath.
Unhappy woos,

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Skunks and Sniff

Well, it's that time of year again. We're starting to smell the skunks, the weather's being iffy again, with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Celcius (32 Farenheit) and Mommy's starting to mourn the snow with me. And granny starts cackling and telling Mommy to get out her camping gear because "You know he's going to get skunked again. They don't learn". Her plan would be to exile me to the balcony in case of skunking. And if I get exiled, Mommy's volunteered to go sit out there with me and cuddle with me because I hate being alone for very long periods. Don't I have a good mommy?

I also want to send a final woo out to my virtual friend Sniff the German Shepherd who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. Sniff was a 100% working dog who was training in shutzhund with his beloved master. They were a team and Sniff was his master's perfect dog. He was one of those dogs who few people would really want to own, too crazy to really be a housepet, but with the perfect energy and drive for the work he had been bred to do. Sunday, he was limping and couldn't support his weight in one of his back legs. The verdict: ruptured ligament. He would never have been able to work again, the vet said, some light exercise, nothing more. A dog like that, who has been bred and trained his whole life to be a working dog, who has an insane amount of energy to spend would go crazy as an inside dog who's only allowed a slow walk after supper. So Sniff's beloved master, with a breaking heart, did what he thought was best for his sweet boy and let him cross the rainbow bridge where he can work and run as much as he wants forever. His master is heartbroken at the loss and I want to send him some good vibes. Here's to you, Sniff, and to your master.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Working hard

We went out mushing 3 times last week! And since Mommy's on march break, we're going to be going out a lot this coming week, I sense. Mommy is very pleased with my progress. We've started doing the whole trail, all the way up to the cross on the top of the mountain, instead of just doubling back. I like this too, because I get to run more. She says we have to practice a few things like passing left and right, holding to one side of the trail and turning. I don't always agree with her sense of direction. Sometimes yes, but other times no. Apparently we're going to be doing leash practice, which is boring. We did a little bit at the dogrun, but I got bored and hyper fast, so Mommy let me play more. We got a half foot of snow, yesterday, so there's lots to zoomie in.

Apart from that, life's been pretty good. Mommy's been letting me sneak up to the top half of the bed for cuddles, Auntique has been petting me lots, granny's finally home... Granddaddy too, but he and I have a guy thing going on that keeps us from really admitting how much we like each other. I will totally cuddle-hog my girls, but with Granddaddy I have to stay a bit more reserved. But I totally adore him too. He gives me cheese. And all kinds of other stuff.

I have to go now, Auntique is trying to steal my rug again, I have to go make sure she knows it's mine. And that she pets me.