Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've got it made

Two posts in one day! Unheard of! But I just had to post. I just had to brag about how far I've come from that scary little cage at the pound where Mommy found me.

Today, I decided to snub my meal. I do this every now in then, in hopes that mommy will give me something better or that she'll run around like a good slave trying to make it more tasty. Usually, one of these two things happens. Today, pig spine was on the menu. I decided that no, I wanted more ground meat, preferably with a little liver. Mommy was annoyed. So she let me in (evil granny insists on exiling me to the balcony to eat, something about not wanting my food on her floor. Really.) and started teasing me a bit with the spine, hopin to make it more appetizing. I made my "ick" face. She growled and tore off a pit to show me all the nice meat on the spine. I pretended to be interested and took it, tugging a bit. Now she was sitting on the floor, right where I wanted her. I started gnawing experimentally, then took it away from her and laid down next to her. Then put it down and ignored it. She tried again. Now, sneaking into her lap, I allowed her to hold the spine for me while I ate, comfortably cuddled in her lap, being petted with her other hand. Now that, my friends, is the life.

Woos of happy spoiledness,


The Army of Four said...

Way to go, Louka! Sounds like you've got your mom RIGHT where you want her. Woo.

jan said...

Very good. Keep that up and we will let you write a "how to" chapter in our human training manuel.

Misty the alpha Poodle

The Army of Four said...

Hey Louka! Hey, the pup at the link you gave us http://ihasahotdog.com/2007/12/08/dun-touch-dat-dial DOES look like Dave! It isn't ... but they sure look a lot like each other! How cool! Thanks for showing us that!
Tail wags,

The Army of Four said...

Louka - it's me, Dave. Check my Saturday post! Woo.

Sophie Brador said...

Louka, You've got it made! I wish mom would hold my turkey necks for me while I ate, but she says no. You must eat on your own. C'est la vie.

We have been looking for you on our walks through Mile End, but haven't seen you yet, and in May we are moving to the east Plateau. Like, east of Papineau! Far away. I hope we get to see you before moving.