Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Skunks and Sniff

Well, it's that time of year again. We're starting to smell the skunks, the weather's being iffy again, with temperatures hovering around 0 degrees Celcius (32 Farenheit) and Mommy's starting to mourn the snow with me. And granny starts cackling and telling Mommy to get out her camping gear because "You know he's going to get skunked again. They don't learn". Her plan would be to exile me to the balcony in case of skunking. And if I get exiled, Mommy's volunteered to go sit out there with me and cuddle with me because I hate being alone for very long periods. Don't I have a good mommy?

I also want to send a final woo out to my virtual friend Sniff the German Shepherd who crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. Sniff was a 100% working dog who was training in shutzhund with his beloved master. They were a team and Sniff was his master's perfect dog. He was one of those dogs who few people would really want to own, too crazy to really be a housepet, but with the perfect energy and drive for the work he had been bred to do. Sunday, he was limping and couldn't support his weight in one of his back legs. The verdict: ruptured ligament. He would never have been able to work again, the vet said, some light exercise, nothing more. A dog like that, who has been bred and trained his whole life to be a working dog, who has an insane amount of energy to spend would go crazy as an inside dog who's only allowed a slow walk after supper. So Sniff's beloved master, with a breaking heart, did what he thought was best for his sweet boy and let him cross the rainbow bridge where he can work and run as much as he wants forever. His master is heartbroken at the loss and I want to send him some good vibes. Here's to you, Sniff, and to your master.

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jan said...

Sniff's owner did the right thing, the unselfish thing. It would be so hard to do, but often humans think only of themselves and not of the dog who would lead an unhappy half life..