Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too much snow? It's abuse!

So, apparently I'm abused. Mommy found this out the other day when I was pulling the sled to the mountain to mush. There were lots of snowbanks and the sled kept getting stuck on ice blocks so mommy wasn't happy and may have been whining a bit at me. I don't really remember, I tend to ignore her when she gets like that. She hears this woman yelling at the other side of the street and suddenly realizes that the lady's yelling at her. She's in a hurry and she can't really hear her, but finally she catches what the woman is saying. The lady was accusing her of abusing me! Of course later, as I was lounging on the big bed mommy thinks is hers with Harem member #1 petting me and cooing over me and Mommy giving me a pedicure, clipping my nails and rubbing salve into my road-salt abused paw pads, she was laughing about it. She hasn't stopped laughing since. Especially since when we went mushing with harem member #1 and I refused to pull for her, only for mommy. Who does she think I am! I'm not going to take the chance that mommy never catches up with us! I thought I was pulling mommy, but it was all lies and deceit! So I stopped as soon as she yelled a command and I saw that mommy was nowhere in sight and waited for mommy to find us. So I still think I could be treated better. Mommy could stay home more.

Because that's not what she did the next day: she left. And she took Harem member #1 with her. She left me with Auntique and she went up to Rawdon in the country where there was LOTS of nice snow and skidoo trails to mush on! She left for the whole weekend and then we had a HUGE snowstorm that even I didn't want to be out in (snow is great, howling winds, not so much) and got stuck there so she couldn't come home! I stayed in our room and sulked until she came home. Now she's home, there's snowbanks taller than I am everywhere (but Auntique left for New York with the camera, so I can't show you) and I'm finally happy. She's even taking me mushing tomorrow and getting me more pig spines to eat. Maybe I won't call the SPCA on her after all...

Speaking of snow, we're 31 centimeters away from our all-time record snowfall. We're supposed to get a few more centimeters tomorrow and I'm hoping for another storm or two to beat the record! Sibes, help me fix the weather!



The Army of Four said...

Sigh. It's going to be 70 degrees HERE today. If that's not abuse, I don't know what IS!
Can I come up and pull sleds with you? I'm very strong and I LOVE to run. And I love SNOW.

Sophie Brador said...

Louka! We walk through Mile End every morning, almost. Until we move, we are right on the border between Mile End and the Plateau. Mom gets her favourite coffee at the place with the Illy sign at Fairmont and Clark and then we trot up to Parc or sometimes Waverly and go either north or south and wind our way back home. It was nice yesterday, because there was actual sidewalk to walk on. I will look for you!!!! But you should know, I will probably yell at you until my mom pets you and says, it's okay. Louka is beautiful. Then I will give you a sniff and probably ignore you, but that's my way of saying, "You're cool."

I'm weird. Happy mushing!