Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was going to post pictures of the cellphone case, but more important things have come up.

such as SNOW!!!!

We got an inch of snow last night. It's kinda melty and slushy now, but it's still snow. I tried to tell mommy about it this morning, but she was too tired to understand my woos until granny poked her head in and said "you know, it snowed last night". Suddenly mommy jumped out of bed yipping happily, dressed and took me outside at last.

So yay, snow, with more expected this weekend.

To all of you who haven't got snow yet, I'm going to talk to the Magic Snow Pile to see if it can migrate south now that I don't need it anymore.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

What I've been up to

Haroo, all!

Howl-o-ween was very fun for me. We didn't give out candy this year like we're apparently supposed to because Granny just got back from New Mexico the day before and mommy didn't get her act together (and had a class until 7...), but we still had fun. Luckily for me, mommy doesn't believe in dressing me up in costume (although there were a few vague threats), but I still got to be a part of her costume! She said that since the pizza delivery guy, the mailman and random people on the street all think that I'm at least part wolf, I should go as the Big Bad Wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood! Check us out.
Am I supposed to look scary?

That was fun. We walked around the neighbourhood and people smiled at us and admired us. As it should be. Mommy wore her costume to her classes at the university, but no one really noticed that she was in costume because yes, she dresses this way every day. I mean even I with my limited colour vision can tell she's in fire-engine red, it's that bright.

A while ago, Zim from the AO4 asked me if I would ever be allowed to help my mommy with her knitting projects. The answer to that is apparently still no, but I am allowed in the sewing room when other people were there, so I got to help my Antique with her embroidery project! She makes a gorgeous circular project to illustrate every year and this year, I got to help cut the fabric! I have some pictures of me hard at work. The images may be a bit dark.
Just getting started

You sure you're doing that right?

Ok, now I demand payment in bellyrubs

A dog's work is never done, eh? I stay in there and supervise while Granny does her quilting, now, when mommy's at the evil university place or still sleeping (mommy is lazy).

I also have been doing some Evil Husky Deeds, as mommy calls them, mostly destroying or relocating stuff. She's annoyed because I even do this when family members other than her are home, so it's not just when I'm alone. So far, I've mauled an antique doll that mommy's great-granny had made for my granny (the others are now in a box in the ceder closet, out of my reach), an earring box containing the earrings mommy had gotten from her daddy on her 16th birthday (yes mommy is ancient and no, I didn't manage to swallow the earrings) and, last but not least, I have gone through mommy's dirty laundry to find clothes that smell like her to sleep with while she's gone. Apparently, dragging dirty underwear into the hall is a no-no. Go figure.

Ah well, that's all for now,