Sunday, March 2, 2008

Working hard

We went out mushing 3 times last week! And since Mommy's on march break, we're going to be going out a lot this coming week, I sense. Mommy is very pleased with my progress. We've started doing the whole trail, all the way up to the cross on the top of the mountain, instead of just doubling back. I like this too, because I get to run more. She says we have to practice a few things like passing left and right, holding to one side of the trail and turning. I don't always agree with her sense of direction. Sometimes yes, but other times no. Apparently we're going to be doing leash practice, which is boring. We did a little bit at the dogrun, but I got bored and hyper fast, so Mommy let me play more. We got a half foot of snow, yesterday, so there's lots to zoomie in.

Apart from that, life's been pretty good. Mommy's been letting me sneak up to the top half of the bed for cuddles, Auntique has been petting me lots, granny's finally home... Granddaddy too, but he and I have a guy thing going on that keeps us from really admitting how much we like each other. I will totally cuddle-hog my girls, but with Granddaddy I have to stay a bit more reserved. But I totally adore him too. He gives me cheese. And all kinds of other stuff.

I have to go now, Auntique is trying to steal my rug again, I have to go make sure she knows it's mine. And that she pets me.


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jan said...

Your training regimen sounds really interesting. Hope you don't have to do the boring parts for very long. But dogs have to have fun and boring parts to learn.

Misty the alpha Poodle