Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mommy's folly

So, it's Saturday, which means that the trail we usually take is probably full of people and dogs, so mommy doesn't want to go mushing there. But the snow was nice and she was going out in the evening, so she decided to take me mushing on the little trail. As she thought, it turned out to be too steep and turny and narrow for us to really mush properly going up and she had to keep a foot on the ground on the way down to slow the sled so it wouldn't run into me. But after that, what does Mommy decided to do? Mommy decides to take us on the little trail. The little trail that gradually disappears and suddenly has so steep an incline that SHE has to climb on her hands and knees. So the ride went a bit like this:

Beginning of the trail. Now the question is, where is the trail?

Some kind young men broke the trail for us. I'm very good at following trails. And Mommy's random waving when she's trying to point me in a specific direction. By this point she was behind the sled pushing (and clinging to get a lift up) while I was valiantly climbing on every time she said "Marche", which is my command for, well, Mush! Mommy says that it was very good for practicing my weight-pulling skills and I'll be better at pulling her, after this. She also says it was good cardio for her and she needs to get back in shape.

Then we ran into Jay the dogwalker and Mommy unhitched me so I could play with the other doggies., I was on leash, though, because she doesn't trust my recall, even when I'm in a pack and having fun. She was tempted, but she trusted that little voice, because she would be devastated to lose me. And she would have had to pull the sled herself.

Don't those unleashed doggies look like they're having fun? I like Jay the dogwalker, he's very good with his pack and he loves to pet me. And he always has lots of doggies for me to play with.

Then mommy abandoned me to go see a stupid boy (ok, he's not so stupid, I actually let him in the house and don't act like a brat around him even without Mommy making me be good), saw some of my harem members and petted a cat. Without me! I'm upset. But I got to take over her bed while she was gone, so some things are going moderately well, at least.

Just to show you that huskies really are a working breed!


jan said...

That really looks like fun. We don't have snow here, we have to go up to the mountains to find it, but we may find a place to rent sleds next time we go. Then we can be working dogs.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Balboa & Mommy said...

Hey Louka,

I'm Balboa,nice to meet you. You are so brave to play in all that snow, I HATE THE SNOW. Mommy never lets me off my leash either, she says I might run off to play with everybody, maybe if they gave us lots of treats all the time we would come when called!!!!!

Frenchie Snorts

Balboa & Mommy said...


Thanks for your comments on my blog, that meant a lot to me. I know one day it will happen. No mater what, I never stop being a DIVA, wink, :)