Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vet and other news

Ok, I know I don't post regularly, but it's not my fault that not much happens around here. Apart from the melting of the snow, which was sad and made mommy depressed in January and her attempts to make me mush, which are working more or less well. She's decided that I need someone to pull with me since I probably don't have the muscle tone yet or the will to be a good lead dog. I like having someone with me up front. She's promised me that one day I'll have a sister to mush with, but right now she can't have two huskies, so she's ALL MINE! She says we're getting a new piece of equipment that'll make it easier for me, a better tugline with a bungee to absorb the shock of when we start. I'm still skeptical.

Anyway, I went to the vet last week! It was a new vet, since my last one retired. It was kinda nerve wracking, with all these new smells, new people, new dogs... I cried a bit. But I also proved to mommy that I like cats! I have lived with cats before, but Mommy's always been a bit worried, because I like to hunt things and I killed a bunny once. At the vet's office, there was this pretty kitty who was loose and who came to say hello and I was wagging my tail and happy and not at all in 'hunt mode', as mommy puts it. She still thinks that I'd try and play with the cat, though, which is not good, because I play very rough and I don't really care about size. Speak of size... I got weighed at the vet's. I've put on 15 pounds! I now weigh a healthy 75 pounds, which the vet says is good and is my healthy weight. Mommy is now 99% sure I have a malamute ancestor not too far up my family tree. Huskies are supposed to not weigh more than 60 lbs and are usually quite a bit under that, not have tails that are all curly like mine, not be as tall... But she says it doesn't really matter, I'm 100% Good Boy. Mommy also liked my new vet a lot because this vet follows the 3-year vaccination protocol, which is what Mommy wanted for me and she doesn't try and push all kinds of products and stuff on Mommy all the time. The old vet did.

We've been getting lots of snow, ice and hail around here. It hasn't gotten particularly cold, which is ok, just hovering around the -10 C mark, which is nice and comfortable. Mommy was very impressed with the hail, because we got about a foot of it and it was like sand. She thought the texture was really neat. We got more snow yesterday and this morning, too, which was nice.

Before I go, I'd like to send a little thought out to my friend Kumu qho just lost his mommy, Carmen. Kumu is a beagle friend of mine and his mommy was a very nice artist-lady who loved me and loved my howling. She was delighted when Kumu and I, along with two of my husky friends, started a quartet, one day. She and Mommy loved to chat while we played, although I wasn't really allowed to play with Kumu because I've been known to toss beagles before, and she was very interesting. She died in the end of last month. We only found out yesterday and Mommy's been very sad about it. It's a pity we didn't get to know her better in the short time we knew her. Rest in peace, Carmen, and watch over Kumu until he comes to join you.

Woos to you all,

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