Saturday, January 19, 2008

Huskies are working dogs

And Mommy has decided that I should do what I was bred for. So I've been learning to be a good musing dog. It's pretty fun, when we're not going uphill and when the snow is nice, but Mommy doesn't let me sniff around! I don't get that. I actually lay down in protest, the other day. Mommy should lose some weight. Or at least keep running behind the sled. I don't get the big idea of her jumping onto the runners. It's annoying. She was wondering why I was flattening a bit, but she figured I was just trying to pull the sled better and she was happy with me, but then I just lay down and started eating snow. She laughed and came to pet me a bit. Haroo roo roo! I have her well trained. Anyway, on the way back the trail is slightly slanted downhill, so it's easier and I love it. Lots of trotting, without that stupid leash.

Besides not being allowed to sniff around, I'm not allowed to play with other doggies when I'm in harness. I don't get that either. Aren't sniffing and playing my jobs? Mommy is strange, sometimes.

We're still working on getting Auntique to come with us to take pictures and help Mommy out (Mommy thinks she's so clever, planning to have Auntique on the runners and her beside me so that I run with her, but she doesn't see that I've just gotten her to do what I want). when we do have pictures, we'll post them.

Until then,
Harroo and enjoy the snow most of you just got!
Louka the Champion Mushing Husky (Granny says so)

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