Thursday, February 14, 2008

Louka, CHAMPION mush-dog

Mommy FINALLY took pictures of me working! I was a lot happier, this time. I didn't want to stop at all. Mommy's mushing Mentor, the amazing Julie, made mommy a new tug-line, with a bungee under the sled that acts as a shock absorber. You have no idea how much easier this is to pull. Of course mommy helped me out a tiny bit by kicking for the sled to go forward while we were going uphill, especially during the last bit, but she didn't have to hop off and run at all (damn, that was kind of amusing) and I pulled her all the way back down no problem! I even got CHEESE when I got home for being such a good boy! Mommy usually doesn't give me cheese because she says it turns me into a biological weapon and I do sleep in her room. I have no idea what she means

Well, here are the pictures. They aren't very good, but at least you'll get an idea of how fun this is.

Before the ride, just to see the whole getup

Let's go, already!

Hard at work

Stop chatting and get back on the sled, already

Ok, break time. Remember, this is Hard Work.

Do we REALLY have to stop now?

Relaxing while Mommy takes pictures and puts the sled away

Hmm, are there any skunks under here?

You can really see my flipped back ear well, here. See how the right ear curls back a bit? Well mommy WON'T STOP BITING IT because she thinks it's cute.

And finally, my just reward. It's her fault she didn't pick up the futon.

Well I'm really tired now, but I had a LOT of fun. Mommy only has a class in the morning tomorrow and they're announcing more snow on the radio, so we might go again TOMORROW!!! What a great life. And if ever mommy follows through on her plan and we move to Nunavik, I might get to do this every day! Of course, it'll be a lot more fun when I have a sister (or brother, but I'd prefer a sister) to do this with, but it's nice mommy-time, too.

Well, it's supper time, so I have to leave you at that
Hope you had as good a valentine's day as I did!


Sophie Brador said...

Louka! Not only am I another Canadian dog, but I'm another Montreal dog.

Wooooooo! It' so cool to meet you. I'm glad you got adopted from the SPCA. I used to walk for the SPCA and even raised bunches of money for them.

Are you pulling that sled on the mountain? I can't tell where your house is, but I'm guessing you live in either Westmount or NDG. I live on the Plateau, and usually hang out at the dog park in Parc Laurier, although I sometimes go up to the summit too.

There is another pup named Lola, who lives somewhere north of Montreal, and then a few dogs from the West Coast and at least one each from Toronto and Ottawa. There are probably more, but that who I've found.

I hope you have fun with your blog!



Louka said...

Woo, Sophie! I'm in Outremont, actually, but Mommy used to live in NDG when she was younger. Yes, the pictures are from the mountain, the trails that start (or at least go by) Parc, by Mont Royal. Mommy says people look at us funny when I'm pulling the sled to the mountain, because even if she's not riding the runners, so I'm not really mushing, they aren't used to seeing a hitched dog walking down the sidewalk. Haroo roo roo!

I'm so happy you walked for the SPCA! I know many people say bad things about them and it's true, they could probably change a few things, but they do really good work for we doggies who need new homes.

It's great to blog to a fellow montrealer!

jan said...
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jan said...

What a very beautiful dog.

We don't get snow here, but we do get it up in the mountains, 1 1/2 hours away. A friend has offered his sled thinking that my housedogs would like a chance to pretend they're Buck from "Call of the Wild." I'm quite sure I know who would do the pulling if I agreed to this.