Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mommy is proud of me

Like the title says, mommy is particularly proud of me today.

You guys may not know this, but I'm not always 100% nice with other dogs. I don't like most uncastrated males and I can be a bit toy possessive. So I'm only about 90% nice. But mommy keeps an eye on me and usually I'm fine.

Now there's this other husky mix who comes to our dogrun, Tattoo, who I really can't stand. He's not fixed, you see, and he's afraid of me, so it's kind of fun to growl at him. A few months ago, we got into an argument over a ball that mommy still hasn't forgiven me for. And he remembers, because he cries when he sees me, which makes mommy feel really ashamed, because I'm a bad dog with him.

Today, he was at the dogrun. I had friends, though, so I didn't really see him or care. Mommy was a bit worried that I may go harass him, though (who, me?) and was toying with the idea of leaving, but didn't, because I was playing with Domino, who's TOTALLY COOL and it was fun. But there was still a potential for a situation, there. Well, let's just say that for once in my life, I had 100% recall, today, I came and gave Mommy the ball every time I found one lying around and she didn't want e playing with it and I did this without growling even though there were other doggies around and I didn't resist at all. The result? I didn't go growl at Tattoo, I didn't pick a fight and we were in the same dogrun together for an hour without any problems. Mommy was very proud of my behaviour and happy that we didn't have to leave. She says that at the first sign of disobedience on my part and we would have headed straight home, but I got an A+ in getting along. I didn't even growl when Tattoo got kinda close and he was crying or when he barked triumphantly as Mommy led me away to the other side of the dogrun so that neither one of us would get any bright ideas.

And I got to play with Domino for an hour and a half. So it was a good day.
I hope you all had as good a day as me!


jan said...

Good for you. We like being rewarded for good behavior.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Louka, I have the same problem. I just don't like some dogs. For though, it's more of a breed specific thing. I hate all the nice fluffy ones, like Bernese Mountain Dogs and Golden Retrievers, unless I met them before I turned 7 (I'm almost 9 now). I also try to take out old or sick dogs. Mom thinks it's partly because I am getting older and have arthritis and partly because I could possibly be racist. I embarrass my mom all the time and she thinks it's so funny that she can only take me to the dog park if it's pitbulls and little dogs. I love pitbulls and little dogs. Yup, I'm a big time weirdo!

Keep making your mom happy by being a 100% perfect beastie.


The Army of Four said...

Way to go, Louka! We're proud of you, too, buddy!

Balboa & Mommy said...

Way to go Louka, I'm proud of you too.

Frenchie Snorts

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Good job Louka!!!