Sunday, April 6, 2008

Viciously attacked!

As most of you know, I go to the dogrun every day. I don't have a nice yard to zoom around in. At the dogrun, Mommy has to watch me, sometimes, because I don't always agree with the presence of uncastrated males and sometimes I get growly around toys. I've even gotten into fights a few times. But never, ever has mommy been hurt in these incidents and always, once separated the fight stopped.

Today was different. Today, I wasn't the one getting into a fight. I got jumped by two very vicious boston terriers who wanted my death and who didn't hesitate to bite mommy to get to me. I was pretty freaked. I've never encountered that level of vicious. Now I'm a pretty big dog, but they were so after me that they managed to pin me to the ground, then their friend the boxer who was on leash got close enough to jump me too. Mommy was very angry. She finally managed to grab me (I may have accidentally bit her on the arm, then, but this just goes to prove that putting your arm into a dog fight is stupid) and was running away with me and these little monsters were chasing us, still trying to rip into me and got mommy on the leg. Several times. We left very fast, with me running for the gate faster than even mommy. She was very upset, and I was afraid that she was upset at me, especially when she got out the stuff to put on the cut in my ear which was my only battle wound and it stung, but she said that I was a good boy and that she was proud of me (mommy's note: This is the first time I've ever hoped that he's hurt another dog in a fight. I am so pissed, I hope those ill-trained rats at least have a couple of cuts of their own) and I'm sleeping on the bed right now, dictating my message while she types.

Dang, she just noticed the cut under my eye. She'd had better not put stinging stuff on that too...

Sad woos,
Louka who does not like being attacked or ganged up on.


Sophie Brador said...

Louka, I'm so glad you are okay. This is one of the reasons mom hardly ever takes me to the dog park anymore. Some of the dogs are aggressive and their owners are completely irresponsible. Where was the owner of those dogs that attacked you? They should have been there immediately, pulling their dogs off you. I only get to go to the dog park when there are very few dogs and mom knows all of them. Otherwise, we just go for a big walk. You don't go to the run in Laurier Park do you? There are lots of unfixed dogs there, and a very unfriendly boxer.

I sure hope you're okay Louka. For the record, I would never attack you!


The Army of Four said...

Oh no! Oh NO! Are you OK, Louka!? How is your mom?!? Did she have to go to the doctor at all? Do you have to go to the vets? Dog bites are NASTY and need antibiotics to zap all the bad stuff out of them!!! You poor guy - and your poor mama!
We don't have a dog park here, but if we did, I'm sure we wouldn't be taken there. We get attacked by enough loose dogs just walking down the street! Hrumph!
Do you need the four of us to come rough anyone up for you? Just let us know!
And please lick your mom on the nose VERY gently for me.

Louka said...

Luckily, we are fine. The bites didn't even rip mommy's leggings and they're very shallow, so she's not going to the doctor, at least not unless they start looking nasty. She's just dousing them in that stinging stuff she calls Peroxide a lot. Me, I just had the cut in my ear, which is also being watched closely. Mommy's still angry, but she's calmer than last night, which makes me happy. I don't like it when mommy's angry.

I'll give mommy the licks.
Thank you for your nice comments, both of you. Amber, I don't need anyone roughed up, but if you want a visit to see the tail end of all the snow we have here, that could be fun too!

The Army of Four said...

Louka, I'm so glad you're both OK! Your mom might want to switch to Neosporin instead of peroxide - do you have that there? It has antibiotics in it and doesn't sting!
PS: Snow!?!?? :)

Balboa & Mommy said...

I am so sorry that happened to you, what a horrible experience. I am glad you are both safe.

Imagine what a mean owner those dogs must have to attack you???

Balboa & mommy

Timothy Carter said...

Glad you and your mommy are okay, Louka, and thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. I too would like to know what those dogs' owners were doing while this was going on. I suspect they were laughing and having a beer.

For the record, I would never let my cat Karma attack you.

Louka said...

The owner of the two boston terriers was kinda trying to get control of them, but she was a bit afraid of me, so she didn't want to actually grab them because she was afraid that I may snap her instead of her dogs (which is what happened to mommy's arm and, she thinks, also her leg). The cuts on her leg didn't get infected and they're healing, but if she doesn't stop picking at the scabs, they're going to scar. My ear has healed, as has the quarter-sized cut on my neck. Mommy's still mad at the owners for bringing two dogs who are not ok with other dogs to the dogrun, but we haven't seen them again, so maybe they've learned their lesson.