Friday, December 12, 2008

No longer on strike

The Husquebec union has decided to come out of strike due to AMAZING trails. We went mushing again today and went all the way up to Lac Castor, a nice 7 kilometer run, half of which is uphill, the other half down (since we just turn around and double back). The trail was gorgeous and icy, but no match for my fur wheel drive. It did make the sled glide like a charm, though, so mommy felt nice and light again. Going downhill... Well that was a dream come true. I got to flat out RUN the whole way, so fast that Mommy was a little nervous that she was going to take a spill. But she didn't, even in the hairpin turn. I even proved today that I know "Whoa" and "easy" even without her putting on the breaks, which surprised her. Hehehehehehe. I like to keep her guessing. She never knows when the command is actually assimilated and I'm ignoring her or when I just haven't learned yet. It's generally the first of those two statements and she finds out after the fact, but she keeps falling for it.

Mommy ordered my new harness today, too. She found that mine was a little too small. This is because when she got it, she got the size that corresponded to my weight... but she was using my weight from when I came out of the shelter, not figuring that I had gained a whole lot of weight since then. I was 60 lbs January 2007, but 75 lbs January 2008 (mommy knew I had gained weight, but she thought maybe 5 lbs, not 15) and then 77 lbs May 2008! So the harness bought in December 2007 which is meant to fit a 60-70lbs dog... Well, it's a little on the tight side, now. So I'm getting a brand new harness a size bigger, which will make mushing even more comfortable! You see what Husquebec can obtain when we strike for better working conditions? You knoooow you want to join our union...

I'm very tired now, so I'm going to keep this post short. I'm going back to snoozing and dreaming of nice, long trails.

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