Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, of course the humans are all going ballistic, but I'm happy as a husky in snow. Lots of snow. And cold. The main news story on the magic picture box and on the radio is the weather. In Montreal it's stayed under -20 Celsius (So about -11 Fahrenheit, I think). It's nice and perfect, but Mommy takes an eternity to put all her thousands of layers of fur on and doesn't want to stay out long, except today, when we went mushing. Some places where Mommy has buddies reached -43 (Celsius, but -40 is the same for both scales, so you get the picture) and she's sighing about wanting to bring me to live over there. As long as I get the three Ms: mushing, meat, but not the icky chicken stuff that gives me a rash and certainly never kibble, and the mattress. Because it's mine. I swear. No matter what mommy says and how many times she puts it away. Oh yeah, and I want mommy too. I hate it when she goes to the evil University place without me.

This is one of my Ms, Meat! Of course I have my own dining room outside so that I don't get girly salmons or e-collars all over Granny's floor. Whatever those are. I don't get enough salmon, really I don't.

Speaking of Mushing, I may start getting help pulling mommy around! You may remember my friend Charpentier the lab mix who got stuck in my collar, last year and that really scared me. Well, we're still buddies, although we sometimes get a little worried about playing rough with each other and now Charpentier is going to take up mushing! He has his own harness and everything and this weekend, if it's not too cold for our wimpy humans, or next week, mommy's going to try out a twwo-dog hitch with me and him! And there's another potential friend, Felony, a German Shepherd, who may want to come help me too, some time! This is all very exciting for me, I love pulling with friends around me, it's so much more fun than plodding around all by myself.

So woos from the frigid north,

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The Army of Four said...

Ha roo, Louka! We've had lots of temp ups and downs here. Sadly, that Arctic Blast is over for now, and it's going to be almost 50 degrees F today! Can you believe that?
Play bows,