Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Betrayal for a cause

today mommy left me for hours to go play with other dogs. But for once, I'm not all that upset. I will leave the blog to her to explain.

Three or four weeks ago, there were two raids on puppymills around here. The SPCA had over 300 dogs to take care of. Some got taken in by other organisations and now they "only" have about 30 or so. Court cases are still pending about their ownership and they need dedicated volunteers to go and clean cages, give baths and walk dogs. I mostly did the fun stuff, walking and playing with these doggies. Some, despite three weeks of TLC are still so skinny that you can not only count their ribs, you can almost see the rib, all the way around. If I was living somewhere of my own instead of with my parents, I'd have asked to foster one of the girlies. But I'm limited to one dog and I respect my mother's wishes.

All of the doggies are amazing and sweet, even though I like some more than others. Two of the german shepherds have gimpy mutatoe-paws like Meeshka's mutatoe brother Loki. I had never really got what his paw could look like until I saw the oversized, flat paw on the front right of each of the two girls, so I thought about him a lot as I played with them, especially with the older female who had other problems and was a real gimpy. The younger gimpy-pawed one is one of the skinniest dogs I've ever seen and she's very pregnant. We're all praying for her and her puppies, praying they have the strength to pull through. She's so affectionate despite her condition, she'll make a good family dog eventually, I think. One of the big black mixed-breed (I think?) dogs just laid down in my lap and begged to be loved. I've rarely seen a dog that affectionate. There was a husky named Frank who totally won me over. He looked a lot like Thrawn as he chilled in his cage, totally ignoring the barking dogs around him and his food. He was above all this, a total zen master. I seem to remember a picture of young Thrawn curled in the back of his cage, looking up at the camera with a very long-suffering expression. This is how Frank looked, as if he would be just totally fine if the rest of the world stopped being idiots for a minute. A typical, beautiful husky. My last mention is of Freya, a beautiful pretty girl german shepherd who was the only one with no name. She was in a different room along with the two giant breed dogs, so she tends to be a little forgotten, but once you get her going, there isn't a dog to match her in playfulness and affection. I had a vague recollection of Freya being the norse goddess of love and beauty, or something like that, so I thought it suited her. She's now no longer nameless and she's going to make someone very happy, one day when she's let into their homes.

I return tomorrow and then again this weekend. I love those puppies, It's a joy spending time with them, even if I will be cleaning cages soon.

The blog will return to Louka next post,
Take care,
The Mommy.

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Daisy said...

Louka, I think you are the most handsome-ist dog I've ever seen! I read about the puppy-mill closures in your Province and salute your human for helping out. I myself was a breeder dog in a puppy mill here in BC. I was rescued this year, and have found a lovely human to live with and boss around.

I hope you get all the snow you need!