Thursday, October 2, 2008


After a very traumatic summer, good things are starting to happen again.

I say traumatic because Mommy was working way too much and leaving me alone and neglecting my blog and worse, neglecting me! Woo! I'm still kind of upset. But I've started sleeping in the big bed with her again, so her punishment is mostly over, especially since she's staying home most of the time.

But that wasn't the point of this post.

The point of this post was to tell you that I'm now, officially at least, three years old! I got salmon for both meals today and mommy stayed home all day with me and played with me and napped with me and cuddled with me and... Ok, ok, that was because she always stays home all day on Wednesdays but STILL! It was a good birthday. We went to the dogrun for a long time andmy friend Misha the boxer mix tried to eat my face a lot (that was fun) and my friend Inook who's a not-as-cute-as-me husky tired to steal my mommy because he's a suck up, but it was till ok because I got to play in the mud and then in the snow! Because the magical snow pile is back and mommy lets me go play there until there's real snow to dig in.

I also want to show you something else good that happened to me this summer
Yeah, that's a good thing. That's my cousin Thulku the rescued pit bull. We were having a lot of fun when that picture was taken, even though we look like we're arguing. Mommy and Thulku's Mommy were a little nervous that we'd REALLY argue because Thulku doesn't always like other dogs and we both were "fixed" older and I really don't like not fixed dogs most of the time and Mommy wasn't sure if I'd think that Thulku was still broken. But I didn't and he liked me and we had so, so, so much fun! He has a HUGE property out in the country by a lake and after we played, we went hiking outside all together and I got to model my harness.

Me showing how happy I am and waiting for mommy to pet me

Thulku and me taking a break

Me getting my well-deserved petting and no, I am not an attention-hog. But I thought it would be appropriate, given all the huzzy pictures going around. Strangely enough, despite the pose this is one of the rare times I'm actually wearing a collar. I only wear one when I'm not at home.

So that was the highlight of my summer. I think back on that and on Mushing for the first time as I turn three and think about the past year.

Woos to you all,

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The Army of Four said...

Wooo, Louka! We've missed you! Your cousin Thulku looks like he'd be great fun to play with! Will you get to see him again soon?
Congrats on being three. I was three sometime before I came here to my furever home; now I'm sort of ten. Ten is fun.
Those tummy rubs look soooooo inviting. I love having my tum-tum rubbed. Woo.