Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Further abuse

Someone call the SPCA!

I have just finally had my first meal in three days. Three days! Three and a half, even! Mommy would just not get the point. I'm sick of chicken. I've been eating chicken for the last week. Why should I have to eat more of the same, boring thing? But of course instead of just being a good mommy and giving me something else, she just took it away and gave me the same thing at supper! I finally managed to wear her down, though, she gave me innards for supper because she's afraid I'm going to start losing weight. And the puppy-dog eyes finally worked. I've been fine-tuning that expression all week, eying her mashed potatoes longingly, sitting in front of the fridge, glaring at my food...

But I'm still abused.


Mommy's version: Does anyone else have this problem? There's nothing wrong with him, health-wise. He's just picky. It's the reason he's raw-fed, he refused dog food (even when soaked, soaked in chicken broth, mixed in with yogurt, etc) for at least 4 days straight while trying to counter-surf, something he never does, and trying to chow down on anything that looked vaguely edible outside. I thought I had solved the problem. Suuure, he doesn't like kidney, but he'd eat pretty much anything else. Since last week, when I started giving him "brick" (chicken carcass and snippets and whatever that the butcher just put through the grinder to make a kind of paste), he pretty much stopped eating. I finally had him eating two meals a day again, after two days of no food and two or three days of one reluctant meal a day. Then I ran out of "brick" and bought more carcass, which he generally loves. Three days. Three WHOLE days of no eating. He'll lick his bowl mournfully. He'll sit in front of the fridge. He'll actually deign to beg at the table (sitting and staring at my food), which he never does. He'll howl happily in the morning when I tell him it's "manger" (eating) time and dance and scold until I take his food out. Then one look at it and he wants to come back inside from where he eats on the balcony and he won't touch it. Everyone I've asked says "well have you tried just taking it away after 20 minutes? He'll eat then when he sees food isn't always available". Those people have never dealt with a determined sibe, I'm sure of it. In the last two weeks, he's eaten two meals a day, which is his normal ration, only two or three times. I've had five or six whole days of no eating at all and the rest he just takes one meal. I'm going back to the butcher tomorrow to ask for more "brick" and get ground beef, but I'm at the end of my rope. Any one else has this issue and has advice?

My mother's laughing her head off at me. I have always been a very picky eater and she has been waiting for revenge for a long time, now. She thought she'd have to wait for me to have kids for the karma to catch up to me. I've been apologising for two weeks, now. Sigh.

Back to trying to figure out how to make the cute mutt eat
The Mommy


jan said...


Way to go to show her who the REAL alpha dog is. You need to write a manual and get it published for all dogs to read.

Misty the alpha Poodle

Balboa & Mommy said...

Hey Buddy,

Good for you, I think we should all demand superior cooked meals of our choosing and liking. Isn't that what humans are for???

Frenchie Snorts

Balboa's Mommy here,
Balboa is sometimes picky too. I give him dry food mixed with a homemade food mix and a variety of other foods. Sometimes I mix in eggs, or steak, or chicken, or potatoes, or fresh fruit. He needs to see that he has a vareity of food or he'll refuse to eat and just stare at us. And boy, he can stare at you all day and not move, it can be pretty freaky.

I guess it just shows how much we love our furbabies.