Friday, July 18, 2008

Mean Mommy

I haven't blogged in forever!
This is because mommy now has something she calls a job, which implies her being gone almost all the time and being tired when she gets home. I disapprove and scream at her when she gets home, but she never listens. She says that she's earning money to get us a car to go to better mushing trails next winter, but I don't believe her. Woo.

Then this morning, there was a HUGE storm! I was pretty freaked out and I woke mommy p to tell her this. She was not at all amused. She took me outside, then went back to bed. I started crying again. "Louka, it's five in the morning! Go to sleep!" No sympathy. She let me go hide in the closet, cuddle on the bed, but nothing was comforting enough. Finally she turned on the dehumidifier to blank out the noise from outside and fell asleep again. She stayed home all day to play with me, though, so that was ok. But she's been grumbling about a "stupid furry idiot who wakes her up on her day off", whoever that could be.

Abused Louka


The Army of Four said...

Oh, Louka! Is there someone we can report your mom to? That's just plain wrong!
We had a storm (small 's') roll in here this morning at about 0100, so I woke my mom up. We stayed up all the rest of the night and watched TV together in the living room. It's safer in there. You should come hang out with us.
Tail wags,

jan said...

Humans seldom appreciate the sacrifices we make for them.

Misty the alpha Poodle