Saturday, July 21, 2007

No dogrun today

Today we did something different: we didn't go to the dogrun! This is very rare. We almost went to the dogrun, but mommy stopped right outside the gate. She had heard a beagle bark. Sure enough, inside was Elmo, the beagle who is so totally afraid of me that he won't get off the bench if I'm in the park, even if I'm at the other side and I can't even see him. So instead, we went to the mountain.

Well, what passes for a mountain here, at least. It's tiny. It takes about 20 minutes for us to get to the top and it's about a 10 minute walk from home to the bottom of the trail. Normally, I have to do all of this on leash because mommy doesn't trust that I'll come back when she calls, but this time, since I have perfect recall at the dogrun and since my auntie took me to the country while mommy was gone and I didn't run away, Mommy let me run off leash. It was so fun! I got to chase squirrels, run through high grass, bounce everywhere... I even met my friend Boris there! Boris is this dog who looks like he has no legs even though his body is fairly normal sized. He looks like a cross between a wire-haired daschund and a jack russel terrier and he's totally cool. He chases me a lot and I love that. His mommy works for the SPCA where mommy adopted me and where Boris was adopted from too. So he totally understands where I'm coming from as an adopted child. He has human brothers and sisters, though, something that I envy a bit. I LOVE little kids. While mommy was in China without me (bad mommy!), my auntie would walk me in front of the preschool yard. All the little kids would run over to the fence calling my name and wanting to pet me. Ah, the joy of being adored!

I'm happy now that I've trained mommy to let me off leash. It's so much funner that way. Beware, squirrels, I'm a fearsome hunter! I even caught a bunny, once. That was when I went to the country with auntie. Mommy was really proud of me when she found out.

Do any of you doggies get to go for nice long walks in the woods? Do your mommies let you off leash?



Guinness & Shiloh's Family said...

Hi, Louka. welcome to bloggin - great job so far. Mom & dad don't let us off leash unless we are absolutely fenced in and safe. We have been to school and everything, but there is something about never completely trusting a husky.....and there was that long chase across the golf course...

The Army of Four said...

Hiya, Louka! Welcome to the blogosphere! Great to put your sweet face with your comments! Ha rooo!
We're never off-lead, either, unless we're in our own fenced-in back yard. Sometimes even in there, we have to be on lead -- not usually me (Stormy) but Zim almost always is, even if he's just trailing it behind him. He likes to hunt too much and eat Mom's plants. Dave and Amber are sometimes, too, because they don't listen! It's hard work for me, training these guys!!!
Tail wags,

Kapp pack said...

Welcome to blogging. It's lots of fun. Sky never gets to run off leash.....he took too many run-away romps to be trusted. Canyon is trusted by the bipeds some since he is half lab. I can be trusted some because my humans tell me I'm not as fast as I used to be.

-Kelsey Ann