Saturday, July 21, 2007

Introduction of me!

Hello one and all!
My mommy finally decided to cave and let me have a blog of my very own! I'm so happy. So I'm going to tell you all just a bit about myself before I start blogging in earnest.

First of all, I am a siberian husky. At least I think I am. I'm a little tall and narrow in the chest so some people accuse me of being a mutt. Hmph. Mommy chooses to believe that I'm not a mutt, but she can't be certain and I'm not telling. She doesn't know because I am adopted, believe it or not. Mommy still can't believe it. Or more like she can't believe why anyone would abandon their year old, fully trained, completely housebroken, issue-less GORGEOUS (never said I wasn't vain...) dog. She, or rather my auntie, found me at the SPCA on the 29th of december 2006. My auntie and Grandma spotted me right away. My mommy was a little frightened by the big doberman in the cage next to me who was kind of acting mean and barking and jumping at her from in his cage and passed me by rather quickly. My auntie, though, wouldn't let her ignore me and led her straight back to my cage. It was love at first sight. I was a little over one years old, at the time, so mommy calculates that I was born in october. So I'm going to be two in a few months. We had a bit of a rocky beginning, what with me getting hit by a car (I wasn't hurt at all, I only lost a bit of fur over my eye which has since grown back), having to get neutered (I was more worried about the night I had to spend back at the SPCA to have the operation than I was about the Big Snip, to my mommy and granddaddy's surprise), getting my shots, my picky eating habits that are now solved with a raw diet that I LOVE and generally adjusting to life at home. I learned very fast that Birdie is not food as long as he's in his cage. But if he ever gets out, no matter what everyone says, I may try to snack on him. Now, I'm totally a member of the household and adored and worshiped. Even Granddaddy now admits that I'm an amazing dog. He was a little worried, at first, about the big wolfy-looking thing in his house. And I wasn't so sure about him either. I'm definitely a ladies' man.

My favourite activity is going to the dogrun. I love the dogrun intensely and mommy brings me there at least once a day since we don't have a fenced yard for me to run in. We're lucky to live so close to such an amazing park. Mommy says it's the best on the island. My second favourite activity is going for a walk on the mountain and my third is going to the country, even though I'm not thrilled with long car rides. Mommy has promised that once she's done college we're moving to the Great North where she's going to be a teacher and I'll be a little happier with the weather and house.

Interesting facts about me: I am a bilingual husky. I mostly speak French and all my commands are in French, but I know enough English to keep a blog. Although my name is technically Louka, I only hear that when someone's calling me or when I'm being talked about. Generally I'm known as Lou, Loulou or, oddly enough, Wookie. Don't blame me, my mommy's weird.

All the pictures here were all taken on the day I was adopted, so I still have the ugly orange collar on. I will post better pictures later. See my smile? I was so happy to be adopted that I couldn't help myself.
I'll start posting my adventures tomorrow,
Until then!


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Thanks for coming by our blog - we're happy to meet you! We're gonna add you to our friends list so we can check back on your adventures!

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