Monday, July 23, 2007

Humans are not always very bright


I am still laughing over this article that mommy got by email today. It just goes to prove that if you want to rob someone, you should think things through first and choose your target wisely. As mentioned in the article, running away from a lot of trained police dogs isn't easy.

I had a good day today. Not only did I get to go to the mountain with mommy and granny, but I also got to go to the dogrun. Not for long, though. It was hot out and mommy worries about me. I also went shopping with Mommy this morning and tried to chase a skunk, which kind of made mommy upset. Apparently we won't be allowed back in the house if we smell of skunk. I thought it was fun, though. We have lots of skunks around here but only mommy and I ever see them. Oh, and my cousin Gaia who I never knew saw them too. Two days before she died she was still chasing them, mommy told me proudly. My cousin died of parvovirus, a really nasty disease that really traumatised my mom. Gaia had just turned 11 when she died, which is a nice, long life for a lab, especially since apparently Gaia was a bit of a troubled child who used to run away a lot just to tease and play (luckily they lived in an area that was a lot quieter than here. I was out not even 5 minutes and I got hit by a car, here) and, on top of that, she was epileptic. Not enough to have to be on medication, but epileptic nonetheless. Mommy will talk more about her in a week or so since the 1 year anniversary of Gaia's death is comming up soon. Mommy will do the talking because Gaia died before I was adopted (the whole house still smelled of her when I got here). I couldn't have lived with her because she didn't like other dogs. Can you imagine that? Not liking me? The outrage. Only Elmo doesn't like me but that's because we got into a fight once. But that's a story for another time.


Sasha said...

Hi, I stopped by from Indy's blog.

The Husky in the Window said...

Hi Louka. I'm MayaMarie. I saw ou on Indy's blog. I think you are a very handsome husky.
I'm so glad your Mom found you when she did. You sound like you have a happy home and are being spoiled. Trust me, spoiled is a good thing.
That was a good article about the K-9s.
Stop by my blog any time.
Nice to meet you.