Monday, October 8, 2007

My interview

Ok, so now I can see my blog and read my comments, I can answer Zim of the Army of Four's smart interview questions. I'll highlight what he's asking in blue and my answers will just be in normal black.

1. Your mom does such cool knitting and wool projects! Do you think she'll drop that senseless grudge over that minor incident with the thread and let you help her?
Mommy says that the only way that she'll trust me around her wool is if I have a bone in my mouth. I do, however, help her by creating the need for new knitwear by destroying gloves, mittens and socks, now and then and, of course, by loving long walks in very cold weather.

2. Your profile says you're a "Siberian Husky with maybe a little something else mixed in." What do you think the "something else" is?
The silly humans around me have said many things including but not limited to German Shepherd, collie, greyhound and wolf. The current theory is that I'm part malamute, since I'm taller (26" at the shoulder) and heavier (I weighed 60lbs last time I was weighed and now you can no longer see my ribs, so I've gained weight) than huskies generally are and my tail curls to touch my back, which is supposedly Not Good in husky breed standard, but typical of the malamute. Also, mommy thinks that I look too much like a husky to be just 50% and another northern breed that's similar looking would explain some of this. I just say that I'm gorgeous the way I am. whatever else I have, I feel a strong attachment to my huskiness and I will continue saying loud and proud that I AM A HUSKY! But that little mysterious plus gets me extra attention, so I'm not all that keen on solving the mystery.

3. How did you get your name?
My first human mommy gave it to me. It sounded pretty and it's easy to say in a bunch of languages, so mommy decided that I should keep it. However, I most often here Loulou or Wookie than Louka. I got Wookie because apparently I sound like one.

4. Since you live in Quebec, can you ignore commands equally in English and francais?
Yes. I am a trilingual husky, although of course I am best in Huskese than in anything else. I understand (and occasionally obey) "Assis" (sit), "couche" (lie down), "reste" (stay), "Viens" (come), "Va-t-en" (Go away... as if!) in French, but "take it", "up", "ok" are my English commands. I also understand words for things in French, like "marcher" (walk), "manger" (eat), "nonos" (bone) and "baballe" (ball). Those I don't ignore. Those are good words. Especially marcher.

5. Do you "fetch"?
Do I look like a labrador? No. I do not fetch. I will play with a ball, but only to tease other dogs and mommy. I'll chase it if mommy bounces it, but I don't bring it back, I run around with it and expect to be chased. This is how mommy plays with me, especially if there are lots of small dogs that I'm not allowed to play with at the park.

Yay, that was a fun interview! Thank roo, Zim! If anyone wants me to interview them, just ask!

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