Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee

It's my legal birthday today! I'm officially 2 years old, now, which makes me an all-grown-up husky! I say that it's my legal birthday because I'm terrible at remembering dates so when mommy got me and wanted to know when my birthday was, I couldn't tell her. All she knew was that I was 14 months old in december. Then she needed to tell the nice police officer when my birthday was so that I could have my official badge of residence (what mom calls my liscence) and when I said that I didn't know, the nice officer-lady said that I could have the same birthday as her, the first of october. Isn't that nice of her?

So yeah, it's my birthday. Mommy says that I'm spoiled enough, so instead of giving me a real present, she's going to go donate to the SPCA where I stayed before coming to see her. I think that's a good idea since the money will go to help other poor doggies who haven't found their homes yet. I am also getting another present, but that's just because the need presented itself. I need a new collar. The other one's clasp broke, so I've been using an old collar from uncle Aslan, the golden who raised mommy and antique. The Funny Farm Boutique is having a fund-raising week for Le Repaire de Sasha/Sasha's Den rescue, a local animal rescue. 5$ of every sale of a collar goes to Sasha's. I needed a collar, Sasha's needs money (as most rescues do) and the fund-raising week just haaaaaaaaappened to be the week of my legal birthday.... So I'm getting an unexpected present. Woo.

I'm a happy husky, can you tell?



The Brat Pack said...


We hope you had a wonderful day! You gotta get on the DWB Calendar so we know ahead of time!

The Army of Four said...

Haroooooooooooo! Sorry we're late, but here goes:
Tail wags, love, play bows and love from all of us,
The Ao4
PS: Really cool presents! Dave wants to know what color your new collar is?!?
PPS: We're adding you to our Cool Pals list - we thought we added you way before, but you aren't there!!!

Louka said...

Thank woo both! Thrawn, I will. Or at least I'll try.

Dave, will show you an image of the colour the collar's going to be. Black with red and green chili peppers on it. Thanks so much for adding me, it means a lot to me!

Woos, Louka

The Army of Four said...

Woo! I LOVE those chili peppers! I'm originally from Texas, you know! That's going to look SO cool on you. Make sure you post pix of you wearing it!

The Army of Four said...

Hey, hey, Louka! Thanks for letting me interview you! Are you ready? Here are your questions!
1. Your mom does such cool knitting and wool projects! Do you think she'll drop that senseless grudge over that minor incident with the thread and let you help her?
2. Your profile says you're a "Siberian Husky with maybe a little something else mixed in." What do you think the "something else" is?
3. How did you get your name?
4. Since you live in Quebec, can you ignore commands equally in English and francais?
5. Do you "fetch"?
Have fun, pal! And thanks for volunteering!
Play bows,