Monday, October 15, 2007


So Mommy is finally on the computer with pictures and will post them!

Here's a bad picture of me with my new collar. It's the best one we have, though, because I was more interested in lying in mommy's lap than taking stupid pictures. I mean if she's going to sit on the floor and her lap is free...
It's a martingale (limited slip) collar because mommy didn't want the hassle of a clasp that may or may not break or jam like my last collar's did. This way it's nice and loose, except when I pull, when it goes snug so I can't get away. Apparently my cousin Gaia was a collar escape genius, so they got used to worrying about this. Anyway, I don't wear it often. Mommy gets annoyed at my tags jingling in the house, so I mostly just wear it outside. Rarely inside. I like it, though. It's pretty and it has chili peppers on this. Harem member #1 told mommy that it was displaying my status as a Hot Dog! Woo!

Mommy says that we'll go for a walk during her week off to take pictures of the pretty leaves and of the magical snow pile. I'll post more pictures then.

Until next time,

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The Army of Four said...

Woooo! Louka, that collar looks so cool! I like to sit in my mommy's lap, too, so I totally understand where you're coming from.
We wear limited slip collars, which are made a lot like yours. They're very SAFE!