Friday, October 12, 2007

Magic snow

Well, the pictures will come tomorrow. I think that mommy has kennel cough because she keeps coughing like I did when I got out of the pound. But she's using lots of kleenex too, so maybe it's not that. Anyway, whatever it is it makes her stay home and sleep instead of going to that college place, so I'm happy. This evening she was feeling well enough to go on a short trip to the dogrun with me. We didn't stay that long, but it was ok, because I got to wrestle with a few friends and then mommy brought me to play in the magic snow pile! I LOVE snow, but it's not snowing yet. However, right across the street from the dogrun, there's been this snow pile for the last past couple of weeks. Because she was feeling guilty about me not being able to run as long as I wanted, mommy brought me to go roll around and pounce it it. I was so happy! I want to do that again soon! And I want to figure out how that snow got there... Mommy said something about an indoor winter place for people to play hockey and skate, but I'm not sure what she means. Any detective dogs out there willing to help me solve the mystery?

Pictures will come this weekend, I swear...



The Army of Four said...

Oh, LOUKA! That sounds so VERY exciting! A magic snow pile! Ohh, just thinking about it makes me all happy! Maybe someone's icemaker exploded? Or maybe it hailed right in one place? Or ... I don't know! I love snow and I love ice so much! If you figure out how it got there, please let me know so I can make one here, too!
I hope your mama gets over her kennel cough soon! Please lick her on the nose one time for me, OK?

Shmoo said...

SNOW!!!! Magic snow piles!!!

Where do you live? That must be nice to have snow.

Sorry your human has kennel cough, but just think of all the tasty kleenexes!

I hope you don't mind, but I added your blog as one of my friends.


Louka said...

I'm in Quebec, Canada. It's cold here, but not quite cold enough for snow, which is what makes that one snow pile so magical!

I'm really honoured that you chose to add my blog to your friend list! Imagine, me, listed by the Queen of fluffiness herself! I've been considering a Hula application, but I haven't really been a disruptive husky, I'm afrai to say. I'm undercover, gathering intelligence, pretending to be good... Well, apart from growling at people who try and steal sheets from mommy's bed and clawing any guy who gets too close to mommy...