Monday, October 8, 2007

Laptop, collar and excuses

Well, the reason things are so slow right now is that mommy's still busy configuring her new laptop. That's right, a laptop, which means that instead of her going to sit at the stupid computer desk, she lies in bed cuddling me while typing instead. This is an improvement, in my mind.

So when the (pink) laptop (whose name is Floyd) is trained, I'll be able to post pictures of the pretty red leaves around here and of my new collar! That's right, I have a new collar. It's a limited slip collar, which means I can't get out of it, not that I've ever tried, and since it slips on and off, it doesn't have a mechanism that can jam when it's washed. That's what happened to my old collar.

Anyway, another little glitch that mommy has to fix is that we can't see my blog right now. We're going to try again tomorrow and when we can see it, we'll answer all of Zim's smart interview questions.

See you soon,

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