Sunday, October 28, 2007

New behaviours

Haroo, all!
I have mommy grumbling at me a lot these days. She's a little annoyed that I don't really like human guys. Well, it's not just that... I don't like human guys who could potentially take my mommy away. They make me unhappy. She's been muttering something about me being a brat and having to "desensitize" me, whatever that means. I didn't do anything wrong, this time, I swear! Sure, I clawed the first guy, but he was asking for it! He shouldn't have been trying to get kissies from my mommy. I'm the only one she's allowed to kissie. This time I only placed myself strategically between them when they were watching TV! Seriously, if she doesn't want me to scare those stupid human boys away, she should stop picking the ones that are afraid of dogs and don't adore me properly. Really.

I've also managed to confuse her (and everyone else) by starting a new habit! I sing along with the phone! One of our phones doesn't ring, it plays this annoying tune by someone named "Vivaldi". Well, a few days ago I started singing alone when it rings! Mommy woke up this morning sure I was in trouble because I never howl for no reason! Hehehehehehehe. That ought to keep her on her toes.


Mommy's note: I seriously need to start inviting male friends over to get him used to guys before I even consider a boyfriend, at this rate...

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The Army of Four said...

Hey Louka - I think it's really nice that you're helping your mom find JUST the right guy! I mean - why would she even want to consider having a boyfriend who doesn't see you as being the coolest Sibe in town? Really!
Of course, maybe you should tell her you need to go EVERYWHERE with her so you can meet more guys. You might be just the lure to attract the right one! AND you'll get to spend more time with her! Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,