Thursday, October 18, 2007

My near death experience

As some of you may know, to be able to run and play like a husky should, I go to the dogrun every day. Today was not such a good day, there.

We go early, because it's getting dark early and I really want to go out. When we get there, my friend Charpentier runs to greet me and to try and slam me into the ground, which is our favourite game ever. This is when things begin to go wrong. You see, my collar was a bit loose and he was aiming for the scruff of my neck. Instead he got my collar and slammed me into the ground, getting his teeth and mouth caught in mn the process. Now he's freaked and I'm freaked because we're linked in this rather unusual way. A few other dogs, sensing panic, decide to ram us. This induces more panic and attempts to escape. By now, mommy's figured out that something's wrong and all that she can see is that there's another dog who won't let go of my neck. She's sure that it's this other big black lab who doesn't like me, because never in a million years would Sharpentier try and rip my throat out like it looked like he was doing. Anyway, other dogs pounced us, we escaped, still panicked, humans pounced us and tried to pull Charpentier off of me, they finally realized that we were stuck, managed to immobilize us and mommy stuck her hand in Charpentier's mouth and finally unhooked my collar from his teeth and then tightened my collar so that this wouldn't happen again. Mommy was a bit reassured to see that neither of us was really attacking the other, but I was still traumatized! Charpentier's mouth was bleeding a bit. I think he may have nicked himself on his teeth trying to get free, but he looked pretty ok. He went home right away, so I'm not really sure, I was too scared and busy getting comforted by mommy! We went and sat on the bench together (I was allowed up as a special favour) until I was a bit calmer, then we walked around so that I could get rid of the extra adrenaline in my system and not be scared anymore. I wooed with my husky friend Inook whose mommy helped calm my mommy (Inook did too and he helped calm me with his friendly wooing) and I finally ran around a bit, but I stayed close to mommy. She petted me a lot and I've been thoroughly fussed over, so I'm feeling better, lying here in mommy's bed, dictating the post, but that was really scary!
I hope that never, ever happens again!


The Army of Four said...

Oh, Louka! How scary! I would be so very scared and so would my mom and oh, it just would be so SCARY! Are you OK now? I hope so!

Louka said...

Physically, I'm perfectly fine. My collar wasn't pulled to the point of choking me (which I don't think it can be). But emotionally, it was very hard, especially since Charpentier was so panicked and kept jumping around, yanking me along with him and since other dogs kept attacking us. One entire night sleeping with mommy on her bed and a nice meal of turkey organs and tuna later, I'm fine. Mommy was as scared as me, though. She says she feels stupid now because she couldn't even help me until she figured out that Charpentier was stuck because she was so scared, she couldn't move fast. She was just making squeaky noises like a puppy. But yeah I'm fine and she's fine and I hope that Charpentier and his mommy are fine too.
But thanks for asking, it means a lot.

Shmoo said...

Oh my gosh how scary that must have been!

That's one of the reasons why the human woman lets us run around naked all the time when we're at home. When we go out we wear our stylish harnesses with our tags and stuff, but when we are at home, we are totally nude, because we tend to play scruff drag and she doesn't want that to happen to us.

I'm glad you are ok and your friend is too.


Louka said...

Yeah, I don't wear my collar often, either. Just for walks and at the dogrun. ommy is considering a harness, though, if that's going to happen again...

cyber-sibes said...

HI Louka,

thought we'd check out your blog, and oh my gosh,... such high drama!!!
Well, we're glad you're alright, and your friend, too. Good things some bi-peds were around to help disentagle you two before every other dog piled on & made it worse! Enjoy the extra special cuddles.

Wooos and a-Roos,
Star and Jack