Friday, August 10, 2007

Thunder and vacation

Hello one and all! I'm back after mommy's hijacking of my blog to write about my cousin Gaia. But I'm not back for long! Apparently, I'm going on vacation with mommy this weekend. We're going up to a place called Rawdon to visit a harem member of mine, pick berries and generally have fun in the country. I'm so excited! I'll get to be outside ALL DAY and there'll be lots of new smells and things to see, and people to pet me... I'm a happy husky. See my happy husky smile?

Actually, that picture was taken last week, after a big thunder storm. It thundered a lot, last week, which made me a bit nervous that the sky would fall or that something big would come and hurt mommy. Or me. Now generally I'm not a nervous husky and mommy says that I'm nowhere near as bad as Aslan the golden in the pictures of mommy's post, but I like having company when it's booming really bad. And I like having a nice den to hide in. Since I don't have a crate to hide in, I go hide behind the big chair in the r living room (where I'm technically not allowed to go, but even granny who's the one who tries to impose that rule lets me in if I don't lie down on her rug) or in a closet somewhere. And I whine at mommy to make it stop. She mostly ignores me, which makes tells me that it's noteally a big deal, but I still like my den. The picture on the left was taken while it was still booming. I was not amused that Mommy decided to photograph me instead of make it stop booming, but humans are weird. On the picture you can kinda see my under the fur freckles. My skin is all dotty like that everywhere, but it's most noticeable on my snout.

Mommy says that I'm a brave dog, even if I hide in a den during storms. She says that the golden who raised her and taught her how to do good begging puppy-dog eyes was the worst when it came to thunder. She remembers a time when they were in the Eastern Townships for the summer and there was a huge storm every day. She was about 8 or so and, she says, not all that brave. One night, it was booming really, really badly and she got scared and tried to climb into granny's bed. Granny was half asleep and thought that mommy was Aslan and pushed mommy out of bed! Mommy was really not amused and she ended up in her own bed, with Aslan who was shaking so hard that the bed was rattling, clinging to each other for dear life. Hehehehehe. Makes me feel really brave. Silly Golden and silly mommy. She told me that story to make me feel better during the storm. See how well it worked? Mommy says that there are few things cuter than a husky smile.

I will write more when I come back from my country adventure! I'll tell you if I catch any bunnies. Or raccoons. Or anything like that...


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