Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My vacation

Hello, all, I am back!

Friday night, granddaddy was nice enough to drive mommy and I up to Rawdon to go visit my harem member and her family. And cat. Anyway, there were so many cool smells around there! Apparently they've been having deer problems, so it was hoped that I'd scare the deer away. I was a bit upset that mommy put be on my 9 meter (30 foot for my american friends) chain, but the yard wasn't fenced and was quite near a road so mommy wasn't taking any chances. What this meant, though, is that I couldn't follow her everywhere! This made me very sad and I cried a little. What can I say, I've already been abandoned twice, so I was a little nervous that mommy was going to leave me too. I calmed down after a bit, though.

Mommy and my harem member took me berry picking with them. They had to spray some stinky stuff to keep bugs away called citronella in my ears and on by belly because the bugs just loved me. I also got a bit of a sunburn on my nose, which makes mommy giggle because the white part of my snout near my nose is mexican pink (the horror), but she's promised that next time, I get to wear sunscreen. I'm not sure how I feel about that, though. Have any of you other dogs, particularly you huskies, gotten sunburn?

I really wanted to play with the cat, but the cat didn't like me at all. Already, that cat hates mommy with a passion, so it was not a fun weekend for the cat. She was glaring accusingly at her humans all weekend. Especially since I kind of took over her bed, since my harem member's bed is a futon on the floor. I got to cuddle with mommy all night. She was a little less amused when I woke her up wanting to eat at 5:30 AM, though. She's easier to harass when she's on the floor, hee hee hee.

The car ride back was ok. I usually am not all that fond of car rides and I was a bit carsick on the way up, but since we were giving my harem member a lift to the city, I got mommy all to myself in the back seat. She cuddled and petted me all the way, so I was really happy. There were these two weird guys while we were stuck in traffic who were doing all kinds of silly things like getting up and running around outside the car, pretending to push their car, coming and asking granddaddy for his "girlfriend's" phone number nevermind that she's MY harem member and 40 years younger than him and not his girlfriend... The humans were all laughing their heads off. I was a bit suspicious. I don't like strange guys hitting on my harem members. At least they didn't try and steal my mommy cuddles. I would have had to pull a Meeshka and claw them. I did that to a guy mommy brought home, once. Stupid boy...

But anyway, apart from the sunburn and the fact that mommy only gave me one of the blueberries that they picked and none of the pie they made with the berries, I had a great weekend.


Pacco de Mongrel said...

your trip sound fun....do share wit us some pic

Louka said...

Unfortunately, we didn't bring the camera. Next time, maybe.

The Army of Four said...

Hey Louka! Wow, that sounds like a cool vacation! Did you get to eat a lot of the berries? I love berries!
I was pretty much a walking sunburn when I first got here - I'd been chained to a tree for a year and a half ... and you know, the shade doesn't last for long! You can see pix of me here. Not a pretty picture. Oh, my fur was so dry and brittle! Anyroo ... vitamin E oil for while you are NOT in the sun can help restore your coat!!!
Play bows,

Louka said...

Wow, Zim, that must have been such an ordeal. I wasn't in the sun long enough to have coat problems, just a bit of a sunburned nose. I was allowed in the house as long as the cat wasn't there and I even got to sleep with mommy on the flor. I really don't get humans who tie dogs up outside all day. I only like being tied up when Mommy or someone else is around to be with me! Humans can be very wierd.
I'm so glad that you found a nice home where you're loved, now. You don't look a thing like you did when you got there, you're such a handsome husky!
Roos of congratulations and admiration,