Thursday, February 11, 2010

A word from Mommy

Hi, Louka's mommy speaking. I've bribed Louka with cuddles and sledding to convince him to let me take over the blog for the day.

I'm heartbroken, right now. There was a seizure of about 100 huskies a few hours north from here and they're now at the montreal SPCA's emergency shelter, in limbo, waiting for their court date to see if their owner gets to keep them or not. Since the seizure happened a few months ago (in November, I think), they're starting to run out of volunteers to help socialise and care for the dogs. They also are running low on supplies and are calling for donations. Despite midterms coming up, I am going to volunteer a bit next week. I'm encouraging anyone else in the Montreal area to do so or to donate bleach, newspaper (that's easy, right?), rags, money or anything on their wishlist to the SPCA e-shelter.

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