Saturday, February 13, 2010

Traumatised For a Cause

I have never been so upset in my life. Mommy firstly ABANDONED me forever to go and play with Harem member #1 (although mommy swears it was work), then she comes home and I'm happy, because mommy is home, right? Then she takes out bags. Uh-oh. Uh-oh! That means she,s going to leave again! But then my squeak-toys came out! And the leash! Yay! Walkies! And playing with squeak toys! I never get to play with my squeak toys! Something about breaking them and squeaking being annoying...

Anyway, I'm all happy about a walk and then what does she do? She walks me to the car! Already, I was not too thrilled. But then she brings me into this HUUUUUUUGE room filled with strange doggies and everything smelled of doggy and it was just overwhelming! It was ok at first, but then there was this really ginormous great dane who was not fixed and he was really scary! I don't like males who are not fixed. They smell funny. And this one smelled like he was going to eat me! I was very terrified, so I hid behind Mommy and under tables for the rest of the evening, except when people petted me (I hid next to them, leaning into the petting), when people gave me treats (Vega's owner is the best! Vega the tervueren is the prettiest and her owner has the nicest treats!) or when mommy played squeak-toy with me.

The worst was that she tried to make me do agility! I know huskies are supposed to be good at jumping fences, but I don't want to! I don't care how low those fences are! I am not going to jump them, there is no point. I ill go around. Unless forced, lured by treats and dragged by a leash. And even then I will whine and complain. The A-frame was better, but I draw the line after that. Climbing is all I'll do. Honestly. It's ok for Vega to do it, she's not a husky. Her breed likes obeying and listening. And she was good! She disobeyed to come and play with me a few times, though. Because I'm just that irresistible.

Anyway, the suffering was worth it. That little party raised a good amount of money for our favourite shelter, Sasha's den rescue. Here, in a province where animals have virtually no rights, considering our animal "protection" laws are over a century old and where puppy mills operate virtually unopposed, shelters, especially ones that are too small to get government grants (what little grants are given, that is), barely scrape by. If a fundraising activity raises more than 1000$ canadian, it's considered a windfall, a blessing from above. We managed to raise over that amount, so I guess all that being scared was worth it. Now doggies like deaf little Moo-moo the boston terrier that has made Mommy start perhaps liking BTs, Jake the pointer I didn't really like and Theo the husky mix will be able to find loving homes.
Please give, if you can, in any way you can, to shelters. They need you desperately. I know this from experience.
Grateful woos from his comfy futon, not from his former cage at the pound,

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