Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National shame

I am dreadfully sorry for not being a better blogging husky. I don't really have an excuse for it apart from saying that I'm just not a good blogging husky.

Anyway, today I kinda wish I didn't have anything to blog about. I wish it was just life as usual. But it isn't. Today I really feel the need to share Canada's shame.

I was wondering why, a few days ago, Mommy started being really cuddly with me and telling me what a good boy I was. I thought that this was maybe just because she was starting to feel bad about making me eat kibble again, putting booties on me and then, horror of horrors, taking me to the vet. But I realised pretty quick that it was more than that and I did some digging. And what I found shocked me.

So you guys probably all know that Vancouver, which is somewhere far away but still in Canada where Granny goes often, hosted this big game thing called the Olympics. Mommy was all excited about it and proud that Canada was hosting. There were all kinds of jobs and stuff created around that to make all the thousands of humans going there happy. One of the tourist attractions were sled dog rides, where pretty sled dogs pulled tourists around on sleds. Sounds like fun, right? The tourists are happy, the dogs are happy working for our stupid humans running around and pulling sleds... Note that their job was "running around and pulling sleds", not "making stupid humans lots and lots of money".

Well apparently the stupid humans thought that the dogs' job was that second one. So now, over 100 of those pretty, loyal, happy sled dogs are dead. These were not even "humane" vet killings. I am not a husky who loves vets, but these ones at least had morals. They refused to be involved because the dogs were young and healthy. So the owners went ahead using horrible methods to kill the dogs, then buried them in a common grave as if they hadn't loyally done their jobs to the end.

We are a nation shamed. How Canada could allow this to happen without punishing those responsible is beyond this husky's understanding.

Please hold these poor dogs in your prayers or light a candle for them or at least observe a moment of silence. Some people have tried to start a facebook movement of replacing your profile picture by one of a sled dog (if it isn't already one). Please don't stay silent about this. Remember them. Hold them in your hearts.

And don't let Canada have olympic winter games ever again.


The Thundering Herd said...

We were horrified when we learned of this earlier in the week, but, in fairness, I don't think it is Canada's shame - it is all of our shame. THose of us who enjoy Siberian Huskies and mushing have to speak loudly that this was totally wrong. I was very proud to see MUSH with Pride condemn this act in a very clear way.

Jan said...

So very sad, but Canada is such a beautiful country. It should not be shamed by these people who do not represent Canadians.

World of Animals, Inc said...

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