Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fur wheel drive is fixed!

I am very happy. I haven't had to wear the booties in a week. Well, I lie. I had to wear one bootie until yesterday, but my pretty papattes are all better now! Mommy decided to try making absolutely sure that I don't even get a scrap of food I'm allergic to, because people sometimes give me a little chicken or egg if they don't want to waste it even if it'll do bad things to my skin, adding more oil to my diet which I am not AT ALL complaining about because I like the greasy stuff and giving me a spaw treatment before we go outside. She got this stuff I don't really like called "Paw protector" cream that is supposed to, well, protect paws from road salt and cold. My rough, dry pads are a thing of a past in just a week! She's very happy and me too, because I don't have to wear the ridiculous booties anymore, except if I have a particularly sensitive paw to fix.

To prove how effective this was, we went out for a whole hour, walking to the little mini-mushing trail and then doing two back and forths and then walking back home without me hurting a paw! I am very tired now, though. Mommy feels guilty because she says I'm out of shape. Harumph.

We had to walk to the mountain because my ride, what mommy calls her car, died again. Alternator trouble, again, she thinks. That car has had problems for a while, now. I'm hoping she gets it running well soon so that we can go fun places. Jay always takes me fun places in his big van! But that's not all my ride, I have to share it with my buddies. But that's ok, because they're my buddies!
I hope you're all well,

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The Thundering Herd said...

Glad the fur wheel drive is fixed. Hate it when one of us has paw trouble.