Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National shame

I am dreadfully sorry for not being a better blogging husky. I don't really have an excuse for it apart from saying that I'm just not a good blogging husky.

Anyway, today I kinda wish I didn't have anything to blog about. I wish it was just life as usual. But it isn't. Today I really feel the need to share Canada's shame.

I was wondering why, a few days ago, Mommy started being really cuddly with me and telling me what a good boy I was. I thought that this was maybe just because she was starting to feel bad about making me eat kibble again, putting booties on me and then, horror of horrors, taking me to the vet. But I realised pretty quick that it was more than that and I did some digging. And what I found shocked me.

So you guys probably all know that Vancouver, which is somewhere far away but still in Canada where Granny goes often, hosted this big game thing called the Olympics. Mommy was all excited about it and proud that Canada was hosting. There were all kinds of jobs and stuff created around that to make all the thousands of humans going there happy. One of the tourist attractions were sled dog rides, where pretty sled dogs pulled tourists around on sleds. Sounds like fun, right? The tourists are happy, the dogs are happy working for our stupid humans running around and pulling sleds... Note that their job was "running around and pulling sleds", not "making stupid humans lots and lots of money".

Well apparently the stupid humans thought that the dogs' job was that second one. So now, over 100 of those pretty, loyal, happy sled dogs are dead. These were not even "humane" vet killings. I am not a husky who loves vets, but these ones at least had morals. They refused to be involved because the dogs were young and healthy. So the owners went ahead using horrible methods to kill the dogs, then buried them in a common grave as if they hadn't loyally done their jobs to the end.

We are a nation shamed. How Canada could allow this to happen without punishing those responsible is beyond this husky's understanding.

Please hold these poor dogs in your prayers or light a candle for them or at least observe a moment of silence. Some people have tried to start a facebook movement of replacing your profile picture by one of a sled dog (if it isn't already one). Please don't stay silent about this. Remember them. Hold them in your hearts.

And don't let Canada have olympic winter games ever again.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't blogged a lot recently. Apparently mommy's lecturers at the big bad place that usually steals her away are on strike, which means that I have been terribly busy following her around the house making sure she's staying home. And I guard her while she sleeps. And right now, I've been supervising more sewing and knitting projects. She currently has a new blanket on the floor, all kinds of pretty colours. It's what's called a granny square blanket, so I'm assuming that it is for granny, even though she is not square. I am supervising from the couch, a rare luxury since granny doesn't want me up here. I was a very good, patient boy all day, though, so Mommy's letting me sleep there while she works. Whenever she gets up to rearrange squares and then pick them up for joining, I give my approval on her colour matches. It is a lot of fun.

Now what do I do while mommy's at the big bad university place, usually? Well I supervise my quilter granny, even when she's using the noisy innova machine. Soon you will get an idea of how well I work, but how will you know? It's a surprise!
Louka who is now tired from his hard work.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring woes

Spring has unfortunately arrived. My nice schnee is no more. I am enjoying all the new scents and the glorious mud, though. I've been digging, rolling, splashing... Mommy did not approve. I had to go through the indignity of a bath and since I have not shed my undercoat yet, all my nice fluffiness was wet of hours. And then even worse, Auntique chased me off her nice soft white wool rug.

Anyone else going through winter withdrawal?


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hockey night

I am a sports-loving dog unless I'm doing them or unless there are horses involved. I love horses, even just on tv, I could stare at them for hours. But they never want to play with me. Anyway, this is why I never understand this whole Hockey thing. Lots of people come over, there's screaming sometimes to the point that Mommy has no voice for a week and there is lots of cheese that I don't get to have any of! What is this! Last weekend I got really scared because Mommy was shrieking and all the guys were screaming and I was accidentally locked in our room and I couldn't go and save her! And then I found out it's just Hockey. She hasn't been able to talk since. This is my revenge.
Anyone else have to deal with this?

Monday, February 22, 2010


Great news! All four dogs were found safe and sound (a little freaked out, but it's to be expected), tied to trees in a parc. The people who found them called the SPCA who took photos and sent them to the owners who confirmed that yes, those were their puppies! The car is still at large, but they more or less care now that their beloved doggies are home!

Here's the message I got: "DOGS WERE FOUND !!!! THANK YOU to everyone for all your good wishes, help & positive thoughts!!! So someone called the SPCA when they saw the dogs tied in a park somewhere in Montreal. The SPCA went to get them and had their pictures in hand, and knows all their names, and they have been fed and watered and tucked in for the night!"

There is much rejoicing!
Very happy woos,

Just in case

I know not many people read my blog and fewer are in Canada, but just in case. I know I would freak if someone stole me from mommy! Some mean human took off with a truck that belonged to three humans and their dogs coming back from a flyball competition. Unfortunately, the dogs were still in the truck. This is why she never leaves me alone in the car, you never know...

Their names are Trek (Border collie, top left), Tronic (border collie, bottom right), Zoom (JRT, top right) and River (bottom left, I'm not sure what breed).

Try and get the word out, we hope these puppies find their way home soon!
Louka who is very happy to be snuggled down with his mommy on the futon and not stolen somewhere.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Someone just sent us some pictures of the night I talked about last post.

I am not looking that scared I swear.
Now give me the treat so that I remember not to be scared! I am a good boy! Watch me not look at the scary dog!
This is the dog that was scaring me. Notice how big he is. If you see the very pink person in the background, that's mommy and the curly tail you see is me trying to run away from the scary dog. And wanting to play with Vega. Because she's a real nice lady-dog.
So Mommy thinks it was a fun night. I am not so sure. But we did good and mommy won a chance to have a portrait of me made in an auction, so soon you sill see my portrait, like as if I'm a real star!